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Groupers of Kwandang Bay (Kerapu Teluk Kwandang)

This guide book is a compilation of photos of the groupers (Family Serranidae) in Kwandang Bay, Indonesia. It shows the diversity of this coral reef fish that is economically important not only to the country but to the Coral Triangle as well. The guide book serves as a basic tool for applying the ecosystem approach to fisheries management to this marine resource. It contains common names in the local language as well as scientific names. This reference material will help 􀀘shers, resource managers, and customs officers to properly identify groupers and monitor their abundance and catch by species.

3589: Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle-Southeast Asia (CTI-SEA)

08 des. 2017

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Groupers of Kwandang Bay (Kerapu Teluk Kwandang).pdf