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RBA-PTS Terminal Evaluation

The Regional-based Assessment of Persistent Toxic Substances (hereafter RBA/PTS) project has met its overall objective of providing a comprehensive, regionally-based assessment of the damage and threats posed by persistent toxic substances. It has also facilitated evaluation and agreement on the priorities among chemically-related environmental issues at the regional level, in order to focus subsequent interventions on the most important and pressing issues. The twelve Regional Reports include assessments of the sources of persistent toxic substances in the environment, their concentrations and impact on biota and their transboundary transport, as well as an assessment of the root causes of the problems and the capacity at the regional level to manage them. Consolidation of the regional analyses has provided an assessment of global priorities. The results are available on the Web and in printed form, as one global report and twelve regional ones.

14: Regionally Based Assessment of Persistent Toxic Substances (RBA-PTS)

01 Jan 2016

RBA-PTS Terminal Evaluation.pdf