International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

The UN Office for Project Services - UNOPS - manages project resources to help developing nations and countries in transition in their quest for peace, social stability, economic growth and sustainable development.

Mr. Martinus Van Der Knaap Project Manager
Mr. Gunther Mau UN Chief Technical Adviser
Mr. Benoit Bihamiriza Regional Coordinator
Mr. Juan Larrabure Division Chief
Mr. Gerardo Gold-Bouchot Chief Technical Advisor
Ms. Lisa Gomer Head ENVP
Mohammed Bila Information Technology & Scientific Officer
Dr. David Vousden Project Director
Mr. Olumide Akinsola Science and Information Officer
Mr. Philip Beetlestone Project manager
Dr. Mary M. Matthews Project Coordinator and Chief Technical Advisor
Mr. Laurent Ntahuga Regional Project Coordinator
Ms. Saskia Marijnissen Technical Advisor
Martin Johnston Project Coordinator
G. Ivan Soto Senior Project Officer
Gabriel Garcia Office Manager
Wendy Guerra Information Technology Specialist
Maria Elvira Talero Stakeholder and Public Participation Expert
Maria Bolanos Administrative Assistant
Nestor Windevoxhel CLME Regional Project Coordinator
Mr. Nico E. Willemse Senior Project Manager
Ms. Vira Profazi Project Manager
Mr. Michael Akester Regional Project Coordinator
Mr. Patrick Debels Regional Project Coordinator
Mr. Alain Gashaka ommunication and Outreach Officer
Ms. Margarita Zamudio Administrative Assistant
Ms. Annadel Cabanban Senior fisheries expert
Dr. Sergey Kudelya Project manager
Ms. Katrin Lichtenberg Portfolio Manager
Ms. Constance Masalila-Dodo Scientific Officer
Mr. Christoph Mor Senior Project manager
Mr. Simbotwe Mwiya Regional Project Coordinator
Mr. Celeus Ngowenubusa National Project Coordinator
Mr. Patrick Weiler Assistant Project Officer
Ms. Lenka Lazo Finance and Administrative Assistant
Mr. Conor Phillips Project Manager
Mr. Dmitry Popov Project Administration and Logistics Officer
Ms Angelika Quaye Project/Web Assistant
Ms. Simonetta Siligato Project Manager and Regional Coordinator
Mr. Kirk Bayabos Head of Cluster
Mr. Taylor Henshaw Consultant
Mr. Uriel Heskia Associate Portfolio Manager
Mr. Seth McNayr Project Assistant
Mr. Daniel Nzyuko Results and Knowledge Management Specialist
Ms. Laverne Wanler Senior Project Officer
John Knowles Marine Monitoring Specialist