International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

UN Environment (UNEP)

To provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.


Dr. Yegor Volovik Portfolio Manager, GEF International Waters
Mr. Bo Wahlstrom Program Officer
Mr. Sean Khan Programme Officer/Information Mgmt.
Ms. Isabelle Vanderbeck GEF IW Portfolio Manager
Ms. Marie Prchalova Programme Officer
Mr. Frederico Luiz de Freitas Technical Coordinator
Mr. Paul Whylie GEF Project Manager - Regionally Based Assessment of Persistent Toxic Substances
Zorofi Bahar Programme Officer Enabling Activities
Mr. Mahir Aliyev Regional Coordinator
Mr. Ahmed Djoghlaf Assistant Executive Director/GEF Executive Coordinator
Mr. Walter Jarman Programme Officer /IA Contact
Mr. Mark Zimsky Biodiversity Team Leader
Ms. Anne Shiyukah Project Assistant
Mr. Christian Ledermann IT Specialist
Mr. Johnson Kitheka Programme Officer
Mr. Takashi Otsuka Task Manager
Francisco José Ruiz Marmolejo Director - GEF Amazonas Project
Mr. Jan Betlem Task Manager POPs
Mrs. Damaris Waigwa Programme Assistant
Ms. Joana Akrofi Programme Officer
Mr. Ellik Adler COBSEA Coordinator
Ms. Elina Rautalahti Project Manager
Dr. Hubert Onibon Regional Project Coordinator
Ms. Doris Mutta Associate Project Officer
Mr. Anjan Kumar Datta Programme Officer and Project Manager
Ms. Virginie Hart Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Expert
Mr. Daniel Nixdorf Project manager
Ms. Kaisa Uusimaa Associate Programme Officer
Mr Takehiro Nakamura Programme Officer
Mr. Johannes Akiwumi Project Coordinator
Ms. Nina Schneider Associate Programme Officer