International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (WB)

The main focus is on helping the poorest people and the poorest countries, but for all its clients the Bank emphasizes the need for:Investing in people, particularly through basic health and educationFocusing on social development, inclusion, governance, and institution-building as key elements of poverty reduction Strengthening the ability of the governments to deliver quality services, efficiently and transparently Protecting the environment Supporting and encouraging private business developmentPromoting reforms to create a stable macroeconomic environment, conducive to investment and long-term planning.

Mr. Rafik Hirji IA Project Coordinator/Task Manager
Fathi Ben-Slimane Water and Sanitation Program-Fianancial Analyst
Mr. Senai Alemu Sr. Water Resources Management Specialist
Mr. Marc Juhel Lead Transport Specialist
Mr. S. Nedret Durutan Project Task Team Leader
Mr. Luiz Azevedo Water Resources Engineer
Mr. Christopher Crepin GEF Africa Regional Coordinator
Ms. Emilia Battaglini GEF ECA Regional Coordinator
Ms. Ellen Tynan Environmental Specialist
Mr. Anatoly Krutov Operations Officer
Mr. Hans Ibrekk Senior Environmental Specialist
Dr. Tracy Hart GEF International Waters Technical Specialist / Senior Environmental Specialist
Ms. Krisztina Kiss Senior Economist
Ms. Karin Kemper Senior Water Resources Specialist
Mr. Inesis Kiskis Senior Environmental Specialist
Mr. Ariel Dinar Task Team Leader
Ms. Nicole Glineur Senior Environmental Specialist/Task Team Leader
Mr. Vahid Alavian Senior Water Resources Specialist
Mr. Ian Shuker Task Team Leader
Mr. Jocelyne Albert Sr. Environmental Specialist
Mr. Mohammed Bekhechi Sr. Counsel
Ms. Doina Petrescu Task team leader
PhD Marea E. Hatziolos Senior Coastal and Marine Specialist
Dr. Tony Garvey Water Resources Advisor
Mr. Manuel Marino Task Team Leader
Mr. Aziz Bouzaher Senior Natural Resource Economist
Mr. Kari Homanen Project Task Team Leader
Ms. Rita Cestti Senior Water Resources Economist
Mr. Lars Vidaeus GEF Executive Coordinator
Dr. Piotr Krzyzanowski Senior Environmental Specialist
Robin Broadfield Senior Regional Coordinator
Mr. Liping Jiang Senior Water Resources Specialist and Task Team Leader
Mr. W. Franklin Cardy Water Resources Management Specialist
Mr. Aleksandar Nacev Project Task Team Leader
Mr. Christoph Pusch Task Team Leader
Mr. John bryant Collier Operations Officer
Ms. Ethel Sennhauser Senior Environmental Specialist
Mr. Susanne Leloup Consultant
Mr. William Leeds-Lane Natural Resource Management Specialist
Mr. Francisco Pichon Task Manager
Usamah Dabbagh Task Manager
Ms. Tijen Arin Economist
Mr. Leonard Abrams Senior Water Resources Specialist
Greg J Browder Water Resources Specialist
Darejan Kapanadze Senior Environmental Specialist
William Sutton Task Team Leader
Barbara Letachowicz (IBRD) Task Team Leader
Agness Kiss Task Team Leader
Usaid El-Hanbali Task Team Leader
Anna Georgieva Agriculture Sector Projects Officer
Vera Matusevich Agricultural Specialist
Stephen W. Bailey World Bank Team Leader
Garry Charlier World Bank Team Leader
Tsutsumi Toshiro World Bank team leader
William Kingdom World Bank Team Leader
Takuyo Kamata World Bank Team Leader
Weiguo Zhou Sr. Operations Officer
Mr. Ernst Lutz Senior Economist
Mr. Seema Manghee Senior Financial Analyst
Ms. Dahlia Lotayef Senior GEF Operations Coordinatory
Mr. Johannes Grijsen Senior Water Resources Management Specialist
Mr. Abel Mejia Sector Manager
Mr. Malcolm Jansen Senior Environmentalist
Mr. Todd Johnson Specialist-Climate Change Focal Point
Mr. Ian Noble Advisor - Climate Change Focal Point
Mr. Hatim Hajj Lead Transportation Specialist
Ms. Rita Klees Senior Environmental Specialist
Mr. Francois Le Gall Senior Livestock Specialist
Peter Dewees Natural Resource Management Specialist
Elsie Garfield GEF Regional Coordinator
MARTINS TAVARES LUIZ CLAUDIO Senior Water & Sanitation Specialist
Takao Ikegami Ikegami Task team leader
Vesna Francic Task team leader
Shelly McMillan Task team leader
Karin Shepardson Task Team Leader
Mr. John Virdin Director
Michael Webster Water and Sanitation Specialist
Mara Warwick Chief Technical Advisor
Paul Kriss Senior Economist
Dr. Marcus Wishart Senior Water Resource Specialist
Suhail J. S. Jme’An Task Team Leader
Mr. Guy Alaerts lead water Resource Specialist
Mr. Stjepan Gabric Senior Project Officer
Ms. Vera Dugandzic Senior Operations Officer
Ms. Ruxandra Floroiu Senior Environmental Engineer
Ms. Sanyu Lutalo Project Task Team Leader
Mr. Mirjana Karahasanovic Operations Officer
Mr. Hung Duy Le Senior Operations Officer
Mr. Paola Agostini Project Task Team Leader
Mr. Sergio Margulis Project Task Team Leader
Ms. Claire Kfouri Task Team Leader
Mr. Maged Mahmoud Hamed Task Team Leader
Mr. Kanta Kumari Task Team Leader
Ms. Meeta Sehgal Project Officer
Ms. Ann Jeannette Glauber Senior Environmental Specialist
Mr. Xavier Chauvot De Beauchene Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist
Mr. John Fraser Stewart Senior Natural Resources Specialist
Ms. Sophie Sherrmann Environmental Specialist
Cesar Niculescu Senior Environmental Specialist and Task Team Leader
Mr. Mustapha Benmaamar Lead Transport Economist
Ms. Heba Yaken Aref Ahmed Operations Analyst
Dr. Christina Leb Senior Water Resource Specialist