International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded in 1945 with a mandate to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve agricultural productivity, and to better the condition of rural populations.


Mr. Janne Fogelgren Project Manager
Dr. Jacob Burke Senior Water Policy Officer
Mr. Hans Wolter Director
Mr. Tim Bostock Executive Secretary
Mr. John Valdemarsen Director/Project Manager/CTA
Dr. Wilfried Thiele FAO Project Coordinator
Mr. Uwe Barg Aquaculture Officer
Nawarat Chalermpao Assistant Coordinator
Simon Funge-Smith Lead technical Officer
Chaminda Rajapakse Project Manager
Francis Chopin Senior Fishery Industry Officer
Dr. Rudolf Hermes Chief Technical Adviser
Mr. Chris O’Brien Regional Coordinator
Birgitta Liss Lymer Marine Fisheries and Coastal Management Officer
Ms. Ndeye Fatou Tamba Administrative Assistant
Birane Sambe Regional Project Coordinator
Ms Stefanie Neno Communications Manager
Mr Nishan Sugathadasa Technical Officer