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South China Sea SAP Project - Vacancy Announcement for Regional Consultant

Vacancy Announcement (VA) for the regional consultant that will assist the project and participating countries with the inception phase activities. Application period: 3-7 November 2020

The South China Sea is a strategic body of water surrounded by nations that are currently at the helm of industrialization and rapid economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Recent reports identified coastal communities bordering the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand as being among the most at risk globally from coastal and marine environmental degradation. This issue has been acknowledged by the countries of the South China Sea, who have committed to a 20-year process of cooperation to reverse environmental degradation trends. This is evidenced by the intergovernmental endorsement of the Strategic Action Programme for the South China by Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. This commitment was further reinforced in 2016 when the abovementioned countries signed a special Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) committing to cooperate with one another to implement the Strategic Action Programme (SAP). 

 Functional Responsibilities

Under the guidance of the Head of Programme for WEC, UNOPS (with day to day management by the SCS SAP Inception Consultant), the Consultant will have the following responsibilities:

  • Technical and scientific backstopping support to participating countries in the development of their NIRs, in particular activities related to Component 1 on management and restoration of habitats (coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses and wetlands)  including providing guidance, reviewing and editing and ensuring a common approach is taken with clear and detailed information, in line with the SCS SAP project outcomes, national priorities and best available science, knowledge and experiences from similar projects and initiatives, in and beyond the region

  • Ensure national level project activities are developed based on latest scientific and technical information, are clearly presented, realistic, integrate best practices as appropriate, include concrete targets, and are designed to fully engage key stakeholders (including local communities) and to be sustainable beyond the project lifespan;

  • Ensure budgets and workplans are fully detailed and accurately costed;

  • Participate and support countries in their national consultation meetings, in particular the first Inter-Ministry Committee and National Technical Working Group meetings, and ensure meetings are fully reported with minutes, main conclusions/recommendations and lists of participants;

  • Prepares and submit monthly report of inception phase implementation to UNOPS;

  • Provide scientific and technical guidance to the SCS SAP Project Inception Team on best practices and suggestions for regional and/or national activities under Components 2 and 3 as requested, in particular where actions are to be developed on joint pollution and habitat management 

  • Perform other functions as required.

For more information on the requirements and how to apply, please see the link - Sr. Technical Advisor - Environmental