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Senior Programme Management Officer (SAPPHIRE Western Indian Ocean LMEs Project Manager) DEADLINE: 12APR2021

Posting Title: SENIOR PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER, P5 (Temporary Job Opening) Job Code Title: SENIOR PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER Department/Office: United Nations Environment Programme Duty Station: NAIROBI Posting Period: 30 March 2021 – 12 April 2021 Job Opening Number: 21-Programme Management-UNEP-152446-J-Nairobi (X)

This position is located in the Ecosystems Division at the Nairobi Duty station. Under the direct supervision of the Coordinator, Secretariat for the Nairobi Convention.

Expected duration

One year, and may be subject to extension.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Project Planning and Execution
    • Takes the lead to develop, implement and evaluate assigned SAPPHIRE (Western Indian Ocean Large Marine Ecosystems Strategic Action Programme Policy Harmonization and Institutional Reforms) project; directs subordinates in SAPPHIRE project implementation, monitoring and assessment; directs review of relevant documents and reports; identifies priorities, problems and issues to be addressed and proposes corrective actions; liaises with the relevant parties; identifies and initiates follow-up actions.
      • Prepares an annual work plan and budget on project implementation based on the approved project document and inception report; a procurement/implementation plan; a result-oriented technical progress report (narrative) which will track the progress on project implementation, the project’s contribution to the WIOSAP (Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the protection of the Western Indian Ocean from land-based sources and activities) project implementation, gender mainstreaming and Sustainable Development Goals, and monitor risks; and a financial report, for review and approval by Project Steering Committee;
      • Directs research related to SAPPHIRE project, evaluation and presents information gathered from diverse sources; Coordinate and monitor the activities described in the SAPPHIRE Work Plan and develop systems and processes necessary for the tracking, planning and execution of the project; Ensure high quality of the project outputs;
      • Coordinates policy development; reviews and trends, preparation of evaluations or research activities and studies.
      • Alerts the Executing Agency, Implementing Agency, and Steering Committee about emerging risks related to project implementation and proposes risk management/mitigation measures; Addresses and rectify issues raised by Executing Agency, Implementing Agency, and Steering Committee, with respect to project execution in a timely manner; Notify Project Steering Committee, UNDP, GEF and other donors in writing, through the Executing Agency, if there is need for modification to the agreed implementation plan and budget and seeks prior approval at appropriate levels;
      • Ensure project compliance with all relevant policies, regulations, procedures, and reporting requirements of the SAPPHIRE project; Ensure both mid-term review and terminal independent evaluation are conducted in a timely, efficient and effective manner;
      • Coordinates activities related to budget and funding and ensures preparation of related documents/reports, work plan, project budgets, etc.) including approval of all administrative and financial reports, external communications and travel requests, as well as the acquisition of equipment, goods and services;
      • Undertakes survey initiatives; guides design of data collection instruments; reviews, analyzes and interprets responses, identifies problems/issues and prepares conclusions.
      • Keeps the Steering Committee informed of project development including through the organization of Steering Committee meetings; Acts as Secretary to the Steering Committee meetings.
  2. Preparation of Project-related Documents
    • Ensures the preparation of substantive, financial reports and written outputs e.g. background papers, analysis, project reports, substantial sections of reports and studies, inputs to publications etc.; Compiles the required reports; Prepare working documents for discussion at the meetings of task teams and working groups; Prepare the agenda and all technical background documentation in consultation with other partners, for Steering Committee meetings; Coordinate and oversee preparation of the substantive and operational reports from the project.
      • Make available to the project the cash and in-kind co-financing from the Donors and ensure that all pledged third-party co-financing materializes or undertake resource mobilization efforts to compensate for any shortfall in co-financing;
      • Present the quarterly Cash Advance Request, accompanied by the quarterly financial report, with substantiation for the GEF funds for the Project to the Executing Agency;
      • Ensure that all documents and reports to be tabled at a Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting are circulated at least two weeks prior to each PSC meeting in relevant languages to maximize the effectiveness of the PSC meeting;
  3. Staff Recruitment and Oversight
    •  Undertakes technical approval of candidates for consultancy contracts with local and international experts and supervision of their work; Prepare Terms of Reference for consultancy contracts and monitor their execution; Directly supervise the day to day work through a team consisting of professional, technical and administrative staff; and
      • Manages the Project Coordination Unit, its staff, budget, in line with UN Rules & Regulations, and conduct their performance appraisal;
  4. Project Coordination and Communication to partners
    •  Directs substantive support to consultative and other meetings, conferences etc., to include proposing agenda topics, identifying participants, preparation of documents and presentation etc.
      • Manages outreach activities; designs and conducts training workshops, seminars, etc., makes presentations on assigned topics/activities; Organise and supervise expert meetings, interagency consultations and training workshops or seminars as required; Submits press releases, relevant news items, opinion pieces and interviews, publications and speeches that are directly related to the project to Executing Agency prior to their publication;
      • Supports the project midterm review/evaluation as an adaptive management tool and develops a management response to the review; Collaborates with the project terminal evaluation, and provide all information requested by the evaluation team
      • Leads field missions, including provision of guidance to external consultants, government officials and other parties and drafting mission summaries etc.
      • Serves as an effective spokesperson and establishes collaboration and partnerships with key officials at all levels inside and outside the organization on matter related to the SAPPHIRE project.

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