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Request for Quotation - GEF Large Marine Ecosystem Project Briefs

LME:LEARN is a GEF-UNDP-UNESCO-IOC project designed to improve global ecosystem-based governance of Large Marine Ecosystems and their coasts by generating knowledge, building capacity, harnessing public and private partners and supporting south-to-south learning and north-to-south learning. In pursuit of its global and regional objectives, LME: LEARN seeks to strengthen global governance of large marine ecosystems and their coasts through enhanced sharing and application of LME/ICM/MPA/MPS knowledge and information tools.

In connection with individual large marine ecosystem projects financed by the GEF, we are soliciting quotations to produce 5 policy-briefs on the following subjects:

1.      Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM)
2.      Marine Protected Areas (MPA)
3.      Fisheries Refugia
4.      Gender Mainstreaming into Marine Management
5.      Hazard and Risk Mitigation (this subject does not include coastal climate change adaptation strategies and plans)

We are in search of a partner institution to produce these outputs. 

Please find a ToR for this task attached to this message.  If you find the ToR interesting, we would greatly appreciate if you could please provide us with a brief technical proposal including a quotation or cost-estimation. In addition, a brief description of work plan of how you could implement the activities and why you would be suitable to provide these services would be of benefit. 

I am available to answer questions or clarify the ToR. 

Please send any submissions to by 27 March 2019.