International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Consultancy Services to undertake an economic valuation and cost benefit analysis of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME)

This consultancy will build on the economic valuation that was undertaken in 2011. Owing to this, the output from the consultancy is expected to enhance sustainable development in the BCLME by providing a comprehensive economic analysis to the Parties (countries) for planning, management and decision making based on the economic value of the marine and coastal resources of the BCLME region for the maximum socio-economic benefits while maintaining environmental sustainability. The economic valuation and cost benefit analysis will also contribute to the process of TDA and SAP review of the BCC by providing economic data and information. The valuation and cost benefit analysis will be embedded in the policy appraisal context for the SAP to provide support for identifying options and alternatives to address the transboundary problems and contribute to development of sustainable development pathways.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is 14 June 2019 
The Proposal shall comprise the following documents in both hard copy and in electronic copy 
(flash disk in rich text format): 
a)   Technical Component (six copies) 
b)  Financial Component (six copies) 

The consultancy is expected to value the current ecosystem goods and service and estimate the 
net benefit provided by these goods and service at national and regional level. The valuation 
will use a combination of methodologies as described in the “Guidance to Tier 1 and Tier 2 of 
Approximation  to  Economic  Valuation”,  developed  under  the  GEF  International  Water: 
Learning Exchange and Resources Network.  
To achieve the objectives of the study, the consultant is expected to: 
(a) Gather  relevant  information  from  literature  and  liaise  with  BCC  to  identify  key 
ecosystem goods and services in the BCLME region; 
(b) Gather relevant information from literature and liaise with BCC to identify and value 
important biodiversity aspects for each member country; 
(c) Asses the total economic value of ecosystem goods and services and their contribution 
to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of each member country where applicable; 
(d) Use the economic valuation results to undertake a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of the 
goods and services in the BCLME; 
(e) Liaise with the BCC and the consultants that are updating the TDA to provide economic 
data/information and contribute to the determination of the environmental and socio-
economic  impacts  (including  economic  valuation  of  transboundary  ecosystems  and 
(f)  Use this economic analysis to identify policy priorities and economic trade-offs; 
(g) Provide  policy  recommendations  and  options  for  enhancing  sustainable  economic 
development potential in the BCLME region for consideration in the SAP;  

(h) Prepare  and  present  draft  report  with  recommendations  to  the  Parties  (countries)  at 
national validation workshops and one regional workshop;   
(i)  Compile the final report which will take into account the stakeholder comments and 
2.3. Expected outputs 
The consultants will deliver the following outputs: 
1)  Inception report 
2)  National  validation  reports  and  presentations  on  the  economic  valuation  and  cost 
benefit analysis  
3)  First draft report on regional economic valuation and cost benefit analysis 
4)  Regional validation report and presentations on economic valuation and cost benefit 
5)  Final   report   on   economic   valuation   and   cost   benefit   analysis   with   policy 
recommendations for SAP 
It is anticipated that the consultancy will run from July 2019 to April 2020.