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Consultancy Services to review and update the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and Strategic Action Programme (SAP) and to develop National Action Plans (NAPs) for the Benguela Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME)

The consultants will facilitate the review and update of the BCC TDA and SAP and the development of the NAPs. The review and update process will be highly consultative with strong engagement of the BCC Parties. The BCLME III Project has National Project Officers in each of the three BCC Parties who will support the consultants with stakeholder engagement and consultation as well as data collection at national level. BCC will form expert groups for different technical themes as needed to support the TDA review and update process.

Result 1: TDA for the BCLME reviewed and updated 
The review will focus on the current TDA and the Consultant will carry out the following tasks, 
in consultation with the BCC: 
i.     Identify the transboundary issues, 
ii.    Gather and interpret information on environmental impacts and socio-economic 
consequences of each problem/impact, 
iii.   Analyse the immediate, underlying, and root causes for each challenge; and in 
particular identify specific practices, sources, locations, and human activity sectors 
from which environmental degradation arises or threatens to arise. 
The TDA will provide the factual basis for the formulation of the next BCC SAP. It is expected 
that the consultants will facilitate a process that will enable the Parties to agree on and prioritise 
the transboundary issues and strengthen the existing cooperation amongst the BCC Parties.  
Result 2: SAP reviewed, updated, and accepted by BCC Ministerial Conference 
The Consultant will update the current SAP in close collaboration with the BCC. The SAP will 
address the priority transboundary problems identified in the TDA.  
The SAP will establish clear priorities for action including inter alia, policy, legal, institutional 
capacity development, management measures and sources of funding. In addition to the policy 
actions, the consultants are expected to develop monitoring and evaluation procedures, with a 
clear baseline and indicators, to measure the effectiveness of SAP implementation by the BCC 
during the next SAP period.  
Result 3: NAPs developed and validated at the national level in the respective countries 
The NAPs will define technical and management interventions at Party (country) level that 
would contribute to the effective implementation of the SAP. Furthermore, the plans will be 
aligned  with  the  Party’s  (country’s)  national  development  and  sector  plans.  These  national 
plans will be developed through extensive consultation processes 
2.3. Expected outputs 
The consultants will deliver the following outputs: 
1)  Inception report 
2)  First report on transboundary problems/issues and table of contents for the TDA 
3)  Draft  TDA  report  which  will  include  an  updated  causal  chain  analysis  and  critical 
knowledge gaps 
4)  National and regional level validation reports on the TDA 
5)  Final TDA report incorporating comments from the validation meetings and from the 

6)  Draft objectives, thematic areas and policy & intervention options as well as the outline 
for the SAPs and NAPs 
7)  Draft elaborated SAP and NAPs 
8)  National validation reports on the SAP and NAPs and regional validation of the SAP 
9)  Presentation of the SAP and NAPs to the Commission 
10) Final draft SAP and NAPs 
It is anticipated that the consultancy will run from July 2019 to November 2020.