International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Component B: Structured Learning

Lead IA: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

To establish and technically support a series of face-to-face and electronically-mediated structured learning activities – or learning exchanges – among related projects within the GEF IW portfolio.


Baseline: Project stakeholders must discover and actively seek out rare opportunities to share lessons and learn from one another’s’ experiences regarding TWM management. Few international freshwater and marine events consider the transboundary governance aspects of ecosystem management. Outside of Europe, there is very limited capacity to involve stakeholders across multiple riparian states in joint TWM.

GEF IW:LEARN Alternative: Project stakeholders learn extensively from one another how to improve transboundary IWRM, public involvement, overall project management and related issues. Targeted learning interactions between nations’ water resource, coastal and marine environmental managers, stakeholders and subject matter experts increase nation’s capacity to address outstanding issues and priorities for effective TWM. Regional and ecosystem-based exchanges provide the basis for ongoing ad hoc guidance and technical assistance among countries developing TWM regimes. National participation in TWM is enriched through increased civil society participation.


Enhanced TWM capacity at project- and basin-levels through sharing of experiences among subsets of the GEF IW portfolio, including projects, their partners and counterparts.


30+ projects apply lessons from IW:LEARN structured learning activities to improve TWM within their respective basins by 2008.