International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Activity B4: Public Participation Training

Provide face-to-face and virtual training to enhance public participation in Transboundary Waters Management.

EA/PAL: Environmental Law Institute (ELI) [$174,000 cash and in-kind co-finance (cost share) through 2006]

OTHER PARTNERS: UNECE, Peipsi CTC, UNESCO, OAS, experienced GEF IW projects


Provide face-to-face and virtual training to enhance public participation in Transboundary Waters Management.

IW:LEARN’s P2 training activity consists of distilling and delivering a set of P2 training modules to teams of project, government and NGO partners across at least 15 GEF project areas. This modular training is reinforced and enhanced back in participants’ home offices through facilitated distance learning across projects using appropriate ICTs. The overall goal is to assist each GEF IW project in building the public support and stakeholder ownership needed to sustain TWM beyond GEF’s intervention. Specific outputs may include new or improved SIPs, P2 protocols for conventions, or adoption of specific tools or measures (e.g., citizen advisory committees, stakeholder mapping tools, social marketing campaigns, public-access repositories for data or legal documents, public hearings) for improving P2 in TWM. Results for improved public access may be measured through benchmarks adapted from those developed by the Access Initiative, an international environmental NGO network, with guidance from GEF and UNDP M&E experts. Stakeholder involvement results will also be tracked according to the number and type of activities planned and realized by teams following the training.


B4: Training for at least 15 projects (5 government-NGO partnerships per year for at least 3 years) to jointly develop, refine and/or implement activities to increase public access and involvement in TWM decisions in their respective basins.


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes
1 Training materials developed December 2006 - presented at  1st workshop (bilingual)
2 1st workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay; training materials revised  December 2006 delivery, materials since revised.
3 2nd workshop in Maseru, Lesotho; training materials augmented  November 2007 delivery with augmented materials.
4 3rd workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam; training materials on IW-IMS  April 2008 delivery, with materials revised;
(Expecting final Handbook ready for publication by October 2008)



Stakeholder Involvement Plans by Projects
Final Activity Report - Pending

Training materials