International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Activity D1: South East Asia Regional Learning Center (SEA-RLC)

EA/PAL: SEA-START RC (Chulalongkorn Univ.)

OTHER PARTNERS: GEF IW projects: South China Sea, Mekong, Bay of Bengal, Yellow Sea, PEMSEA, Hai River and Globallast


  • Develop South East Asia Regional Learning Center (SEA-RLC)

  • The SEA-RLC will establish a regional IW Web site interlinked with the sites and data archives GEF IW projects in the region and the broader IW-IMS. This site will include a regional roster of IW experts and a virtual library of resource materials, both to be maintained by the center. The activity will then develop, deploy and maintain a regional GIS database for IW projects, along with dissemination of materials relating its application to TWM decision-making. Finally SEA-RLC will address GEF IW projects need for guidance regarding financial sustainability though links to potential co-financing and aid and development agencies, information regarding the generation of revenue streams for sustaining management-related activities concerned with the aquatic environment


D1.1: SEA-RLC established by 2005 to address regional TWM needs and leverage regional expertise to benefit global TWM 
D1.2: SEA-RLC Web site provides roster of (>100) experts and (>1000) other information resources to address IW projects’ needs by 2008 
D1.3: Regional GIS database on-line by 2006, with at least 3 GIS-based decisions support system (GIS-DSS) applications developed and applied in the field by Southeast Asian GEF IW projects by 2008.


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes
1 SEA-RLC established to address projects TWM needs; Web site launched and linked to IW-IMS SEA-RLC established, assisting SCS (other projects?); Web site launched (, not yet linked to IW-IMS
2 Regional GEF IW GIS on-line, connected to IW-IMS GIS on-line; not connected to IW-IMS
3 Roster of >100 experts addresses projects’ needs; 3 GIS DSS modules featured Roster established with ## experts included; ## GIS DSS modules featured
4 >1000 IW resources added to IW-IMS; SEA IW project applying GIS modules ##  IW resources added to IW-IMS; 1 of ## SEA IW projects applying GEF modules


Outreach materials


SEA-RLC website 
Roster of regional IW experts (pending) 
Regional GIS database (pending)