International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Component D: Testing Innovative Approaches

Lead IA:

To test, evaluate and replicate novel approaches and ICT tools to meet IW stakeholder needs


Baseline: IW:LEARN’s structured learning and information sharing approaches are limited to those which succeeded during its pilot project; projects do not benefit from innovative services tailored to the needs of their region, ecosystem, etc.

GEF IW:LEARN Alternative: Stakeholders in GEF IW projects benefit from increased TWM capacity and effectiveness through periodic and ongoing structured learning activities focused on specific TWM regions and or themes. Countries participating in demonstration projects develop and apply innovative approaches to address common TWM concerns (e.g., involvement of private sector, cooperative management of large shared aquifers)


A widely available suite of tested and replicated ICT and other tools and approaches for strengthening TWM.


GEF IW projects and partners benefit from a set of demonstration projects integrating information sharing and structured learning

D1. Southeast Asia Regional Learning Centre
D2. Southeastern Europe/Mediterranean
D3. CSD/GEF Roundtable with CSD