International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Activity A2: Technical Assistance

EA/PAL: United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP)

Other Partners: UNESCO-IHE, UNESCO-WWAP, WaterWebConsortium


Provide technical assistance to GEF IW projects to develop or strengthen Web sites and apply appropriate ICT tools according to defined ICT quality criteria, and connect all GEF IW project Web sites to the GEF IW-IMS. 
The objective of this activity is to create and make GEF IW projects’ and partners’ Web sites interoperable, build capacity for their continued upkeep and utility, and to assist projects in developing and applying ICT solutions to TWM. It also repackages and applies the tools developed in Activity A1, and serves as a feedback mechanism for practical refinement of the functions and services offered by the IW-IMS.


A2.1: At least 2 ICT training workshops over 4 years, through 2008. 
A2.2: 95% of GEF IW projects have developed Web sites with ICT tools & information resources inter-linked & accessible through IW-IMS by 2008.


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes


ICT Training Workshop; 
25% of projects' Websites linked to IW-IMS
One IW:LEARN-sponsored workshop - October 2006 in Kenya
No Websites linked (among ~75 GEF IW projects)


50% of projects’ Websites linked to IW-IMS

No workshop;
W project Web sites discoverable/accessible via
X IW-IMS-compatable Websites developed, Y deployed, Z linked to IW-IMS


1 ICT Workshop; 
75% of projects’ Websites linked to IW-IMS
project participate in 1 regional ICT Workshop in November 2006; 3 IW-IMS-compatable Websites developed (DNPIRO), 2 deployed (IW-CAM, WIO-LaB), Z linked to IW-IMS as of January 1, 2007.



95% of projects’ Websites linked to IW-IMS