International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Activity A1: IW-Information Management System

EA/PAL: United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP)

Other Partners: World Bank, UNDP, GEF Secretariat, GWP, Cap-Net, LakeNet?, IWRN, SIDSNet, NEPAD, FAO, UNESCO, IGRAC, GIWA, UNECE, Regional Seas and transboundary basin secretariats, and all IW:LEARN PALs


  • Establish a central metadata directory of all available IW project data and information

  • The International Waters Information System (IW-IMS) will serve as single entry point for access to GEF IW information. This activity will develop, test and institutionalize a supporting mechanism to enhance access to high quality data and information. Extending the International Waters Resource Centre (IWRC) information system created during the IW:LEARN Pilot Phase, and utilizing the UNEP.Net Frame Work, [3] the IW-IMS will include a central database with supporting utilities that provide remote search and transparent access to project profiles, contact information, publications, geo-referenced data, news, etc., that are available on-line and are relevant to GEF priority areas (e.g. project websites, thematic portals and clearing houses, other Resource Centres). Its interface will consist of a series of user prioritized “modules” that readily address IW stakeholders’ information needs and questions by harvesting and customizing information from a broader network of information partners.


A1.1: IW-IMS prototype established through use of protocols to inter-link IW Resource Center, projects’ and partners’ Web sites by 2005. 
A1.2: At least 4 IW-IMS modules support information sharing among specific subsets of the GEF IW portfolio (e.g., Africa, groundwater/aquifers, coral reefs) by 2008. 
A1.3: An inter-agency GEF IW help desk (&/or water-net) uses IW-IMS resources to research and respond to at least 4IW community-driven TWM requests per month by 2006.


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes
1 IW-IMS protocols established, prototype in place; 1 new module (Africa) Protocols established, no modules
2 IW-IMS populated; Helpdesk operational, proactive & responsive; 1 new module (groundwater/aquifers) populated, passive and 
responsive helpdesk, no modules
3 Helpdesk responds to 24 requests/yr; 1 new module (TBD) -
4 Helpdesk fielding 48+ requests/yr; 1 new module (TBD) -