International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Activity C2: 4th International Waters Conference (South Africa, 2007)

EA/PAL: Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF)

OTHER PARTNERS: South African Government, NEPAD, BCLME and private sector sponsors


  • Organize fourth GEF International Waters Conference (Cape Town, 2007)
  • The 4th IW Conference will likely be held in Cape Town, South Africa. With the exception of CSD participation, activities will largely parallel those of IWC3, taking into account any procedural lessons or guidance provided through the project’s independent mid-term review. Given the proximity of Cape Town to the GEF IW-supported Benguela Current LME, as well as the host country’s progressive water management policies, one or more site visits may be arranged. A key output of a second conference will be to further plan extension of this biennial GEF IW 'conference of the parties' in a participatory setting, based on the demonstrated and evaluated results, beyond the term of this IW:LEARN FSP.


B4: 4th IW Conference


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes
1 IWC4 host country and city set Completed - Cape Town, South Africa
2 IWC4 location and co-finance secured; agenda set Completed
3 IWC4 held Completed
4 Proceedings disseminated via IW-IMS Completed (where materials available)


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4th GEF International Waters Conference