International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Activity C1: Third GEF International Waters Conference (Brazil, 2005)

EA/PAL: Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF)

OTHER PARTNERS: Brazilian Government, OAS, DESA-CSD, Cap-Net and private sector sponsors


Organize third GEF International Waters Conference (Rio de Janeiro, 2005) 
The 3rd IW Conference will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2005. Continuing the success of the previous conferences, IWC3 will feature issue and region-based plenaries, seminars, peer-to-peer discussions, participatory workshops and individual meetings. Sessions will be designed to facilitate information exchange among project initiatives and to encourage collaboration and replication wherever feasible. The conferences will also provide an opportunity for GEF to showcase successes and highlight lessons learned across the IW community, including current and prospective TWM partners.


C1: 3rd IW Conference


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes
1 IWC3 held; IW portfolio recommendations to CSD IWC3 held in June 2005; CSD-specific recommendations were produced through Activity D3 instead
2 Proceedings disseminated via IW-IMS See links below


3rd Biennial International Waters Conference