International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Component C: International Waters Conferences

Lead IA: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

To hold GEF IW conferences in 2004 and 2006, gathering the IW community for sharing experience among GEF IW projects, stakeholders, evaluators and other IW programs and institutions.


Baseline: IW-related conferences occasionally invite presentations by GEF IW projects or their partners, with little TWM focus nor strategic outreach on behalf of neither GEF or systematic effort to benefit IW projects and stakeholders across the GEF portfolio. IWC3 is only partially supported by existing UNDP-GEF IW funds and disjoint from overall IW structured learning and information sharing activities. Projects do not collectively contribute to transboundary waters-related CSD policies.

GEF IW:LEARN Alternative: Successful biennial GEF IW Conferences continue iteratively across recipient regions, providing real-time face-to-face opportunity for inter-project learning and coordination as well as showcasing the success of GEF investments to donors, partners and stakeholders, to support improved TWM around the world. Participating countries, private sector and civil society members discover successfully-tested approaches, pitfalls and solutions to vexing TWM challenges (e.g., sustainable financing), and learn to whom to go for further technical assistance regarding such matters.


GEF IW portfolio-wide increase in awareness and application of effective TWM approaches, strategies and best practices; numerous new and enhanced linkages and exchanges between GEF IW and other TWM projects with shared TWM challenges


Representatives from all GEF IW projects (including TWM agencies, governments, project principals, IAs, EAs, NGOs and private sector) participate in review of portfolio accomplishments, evaluate replication and partnership potentials at two IW conferences, as well as key preparatory or follow-up activities

C1. IWC3 Brazil
C2. IWC4 South Africa