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Second European Climate Change Adaptation Conference from May 12, 2015 08:00 to May 14, 2015 06:00 Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, Denmark, by Damaris Waigwa
The Second biannual European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA), organized by three European research projects, Base, Ramses and ToPDad, with European stakeholders, will take place from 12-14 May in Copenhagen, Denmark.
CTI 3rd Local Government Network Forum from Mar 25, 2015 08:00 to Mar 27, 2015 06:00 Alotau, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, by Damaris Waigwa
The Regional Plan of Action (RPOA) of the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) recognizes the importance of local governments and communities in coastal and marine management and protection. For this reason, there has been from the outset an ongoing effort to engage local governments in the CTI-CFF process.
FileSWIOFish 1- PIF Document by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 13, 2015 11:30
Project Objective: The Project Development and Global Environmental Objective are to improve the management effectiveness of selected priority fisheries at regional, national and community level.
FileTerminal Evaluation Report for the UNDP GEF Project Development and adoption of a Strategic Action Programme for balancing water uses and sustainable natural resource management in the OrangeSenqu River transboundary basin by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Mar 06, 2015 01:03
Despite considerable challenges and constraints that could not have been foreseen during project Development, the Project has delivered high quality products and has engendered strong ownership at many stakeholder levels, from village communities to senior political figures. The latter has been manifested by the SAP endorsement by the Conference of Ministers of the ORASECOM on 7 August 2014. As a consequence, and not withstanding these constraints and challenges, the Project has received a Terminal Evaluation Rating of 6 (Highly Satisfactory). The project has delivered 1. A high quality TDA, 2. An equally high quality SAP endorsed by the ministers, accompanied with NAPs, and 3. Successfully implemented SAP demonstration projects on the ground. This is an International Waters foundation project that has been undertaken under a fairly limited 4-year window and with a fairly constrained budget. As such it must be considered to have been highly satisfactory in its delivery despite any overarching constraints that could have impacted on the final objectives. It has delivered everything it was designed to deliver and more besides, including a clear and obvious level of political commitment and ownership. On this basis the Terminal Evaluator’s primary recommendation would be for UNDP to seek further support and investment from GEF to implement the Strategic Action Programme in close collaboration with ORASECOM and its partners.
FileBCLME SAP-IMP MidTerm Evaluation Report by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 12, 2015 12:42
The purpose of the Mid-Term Evaluation (MTE) has been to examine the progress and performance of the project since the start of its implementation. The MTE includes the evaluation of both the progress in project implementation, measured against planned outputs and outcomes set forth in the Project Document, and the assessment of features related to the process involved in achieving those outcomes, and the progress towards project objective. The evaluation also identifies and addresses causes and issues that constrain the achievement of set targets. This Mid-term Evaluation has been conducted in a participatory manner consistent with its essential objective to assess the project implementation and impacts in order to provide a basis for improvement in implementation over the remaining time of the project, and other decisions.
FileGovernance baselines as a basis for adaptive marine spatial planning by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 12, 2015 12:35
A marine spatial planning (MSP) initiative—if to be successful—has to be rooted in a thorough understanding of the tradition and structures of the governance system in the area targeted for the initiative. After decades of a mainly sectoral approach towards maritime affairs, governments began to recognized the need for a governance framework that applies a more integrated approach to maritime policy. The new Integrated Maritime Policy of the European Union is only one example for such a changed way of policy and decision making. The assembly of a governance baseline can help to identify the crucial hindering and success factors for the implementation of MSP.
Applications, ACES Masters Programme (UNU-INWEH) by Montakan Chimmuang — last modified Feb 12, 2015 10:02
UNU-INWEH is happy to announce that applications are now being accepted for an exciting, new Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree in AquaCulture, Environment, and Society (ACES) that will start in September 2015 with the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences (SAMS), of which UNU-INWEH is a partner. Over 10 full Erasmus + Scholarships will be awarded each year to the top applicants. These scholarships will cover tuition fees, living, and travel expenses (Application Deadline: 1 June 2015).
World Ocean Summit 2015 from Jun 03, 2015 08:00 to Jun 05, 2015 06:00 Lisbon, Portugal, by Montakan Chimmuang
The Economist Events' World Ocean Summit has become a leading forum addressing the development of the ocean economy. The third event builds on the success of the first two in setting a new global agenda for the blue economy. The theme—”Blue economy; blue growth”—is designed to capture the opportunity presented by blue growth for businesses, governments and the international ocean community, and identify solutions in the tension between economic development and sustainability. High-level, outcomes-focused discussion with a global faculty of speakers, powerful case studies and a networking opportunity bar none are the hallmarks of the World Ocean Summit.
Fish Night Feb 12, 2015 06:05 London, UK, by Montakan Chimmuang
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) hosted 'Fish Night' which the topic of this year is 'Innovative financing for fisheries management'. There will be a talk by IIED's chief economist, Paul Steele, on what can governments can do and fiscal reforms for fisheries management.
Marine Renewables and the Environment from Apr 27, 2015 08:00 to May 08, 2015 06:00 Oban, Scotland, by Montakan Chimmuang
The course is provided by the Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy, a partnership of the University of Edinburgh, the University of Strathclyde, the University of Exeter, HR Wallingford, and SAMS and is run by the Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban.
UAV Training Workshop Apr 21, 2015 from 08:00 to 06:00 Edinburgh, Scotland, by Montakan Chimmuang
Successful operation of research Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) requires a range of expertise, from initial overall science planning to on‐the‐day piloting skills. The course will give a basic knowledge of each area, and enable you to identify which science field work is best addressed using unmanned aerial vehicles, how instruments can be integrated into a platform, and how the mission can be legally, safely and successfully accomplished. Taught by a number of expert lecturers from the scientific, private and public sectors across the UK.
Research Methods Field Course from Apr 07, 2015 08:00 to Apr 14, 2015 06:00 Oban, Scotland, by Montakan Chimmuang
The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), one of the UK's leading marine science research organisations, and one of the oldest oceanographic institutions in the world, would like to invite interested people to attend the Research Methods Field Course. This course provides you with plenty of hands-on experience researching the marine environment on board a research vessel and in the lab.
FileBCLME SAP-IMP Terminal Evaluation Report by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 11, 2015 11:09
The Terminal Evaluation has been carried out according to the guidance and principles of UNDP, GEF and UNEG which require such an evaluation in the closing stages of a project for the benefit of the key stakeholders including GEF as the main source of funding, UNDP as the Implementing Agency and the Governments as the prime beneficiaries. It aimed to provide a comprehensive overall assessment of the project and critically assess achievements, administrative and technical strategies, issues and constraints. The methodology employed in this evaluation was planned and described in the Inception Report which was presented in the early stages of the mission.
ContactOrganizationNERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 11, 2015 08:22
CEH's Edinburgh research site is based within the Bush Estate, south-west of Edinburgh, near the Pentland Hills. The focus of the research carried out in Edinburgh is on the science underpinning air pollution, climate change and the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources.
Republic of the Philippines by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 12, 2015 11:02
Capturing Coral Reef Ecosystem Services (CCRES)
Republic of Indonesia by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 12, 2015 11:03
Capturing Coral Reef Ecosystem Services (CCRES)
Guangdong Sheng by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 12, 2015 11:03
China Guangdong Agricultural Pollution Control
Heyuan Shi by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 12, 2015 11:03
China Guangdong Agricultural Pollution Control
Huizhou Shi by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 12, 2015 11:03
China Guangdong Agricultural Pollution Control
Jiangmen Shi by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Feb 12, 2015 11:03
China Guangdong Agricultural Pollution Control
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