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by admin last modified Nov 23, 2010 02:06 PM
List of recently added items
Head of Species Programme, World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP) by Montakan Chimmuang — last modified Aug 28, 2014 07:18 AM
WCMC is now recruiting for a permanent Head of Programme to oversee species related activities. This key position, reporting to the Director of Programmes, will oversee the provision of focussed support to Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs) and national governments to address overexploitation, particularly by international wildlife trade, of species of international conservation concern whilst recognising the benefits of sustainable production and consumption (Application Deadline: 26 September 2014).
FileORASECOM TDA Poster by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Aug 27, 2014 01:04 PM
This is the list of the series of communication materials developed based on TDA
FileRehabilitating rangelands for healthy headwaters by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Aug 27, 2014 12:38 PM
The highlands of Lesotho form the headwaters of the Orange–Senqu, which drains one of the largest river basins in southern Africa. It provides the water required to drive the most economically active area in southern Africa, supports large-scale irrigation and meets the domestic needs of 19 million people. In spite of making up less than five per cent of the basin area, Lesotho contributes over forty per cent of the Orange–Senqu’s natural runoff. The well-watered grasslands that characterise Lesotho are essential for the retention and slow release of water, which help stabilise stream flow, attenuate floods, reduce sediment loads and absorb nutrients. These services are, however, at risk because the rangelands are being degraded through overuse, making them vulnerable to erosion. Soil is being washed away and the land is becoming less productive, making it more difficult for rural households to make a living; the waters of the Orange–Senqu are laden with silt and their flow is less tempered by the grasslands.
Workshop: CHANGING OCEANS AND INDUSTRY FUTURES - How will changes to the ocean affect ocean business? Sep 28, 2014 from 12:30 PM to 05:30 PM New York, USA, by Montakan Chimmuang
Industry participants at the WOC Business Forum on Ocean Policy and Planning are invited to join a workshop on understanding how the changes to ocean properties, systems and processes will affect business operations and opportunities. The workshop is organized by the EU “Ocean Certain” research project which is working to inform ocean industries of the changes occurring in the ocean and seek industry input.
3rd International Conference: Biodiversity and Food Security - From Trade-offs to Synergies from Oct 29, 2014 08:00 AM to Oct 31, 2014 06:00 PM Aix-en-Provence, France, by Montakan Chimmuang
This conference is the third in a series, organized by the French CNRS Institut Ecologie et Environnement (InEE) and the German Leibniz Association (WGL). The goal is to identify science-based solutions for global sustainability focusing on the issues of biodiversity and food security.
FileKid's TDA mock-up Pule’s River Journey: An Exploration of the Orange-Senqu River Basin for Children by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Aug 26, 2014 12:44 PM
Drawing on the Orange–Senqu River Basin Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (2014) and a number of other relevant sources, this children’s book highlights the characteristics of the river basin – its resources, the people and economies it supports, and its problems – in a way that is accessible to a younger audience. Designed for the future custodians of this river basin and the resources it provides, this book gives an insight into the diversity of the basin and the importance of a common understanding of pertinent management challenges to the nations that share the river basin and which collaborate to address them.
FileORASECOM Newsletter - May 2014 by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Aug 26, 2014 12:17 PM
The past few years have been a productive and exciting time for ORASE COM. We have proactively and tangibly advanced towards an improved and integrated approach for the management of the Orange–Senqu River basin. This has been enabled by the generous and much-appreciated support of our international cooperating partners (ICPs). With their support, we have defined a vision and identified strategic objectives for ORASE COM; identified priority transboundary environmental problems and how to address them through the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and Strategic Action Programme (SAP) process; and are well on our way in drafting a comprehensive Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Plan for the basin. Through collaboration and conscious effort to dovetail the SAP and IWRM Plan processes – our two main projects – the SAP is now recognised by ORASE COM and its partners as the environmental component of the IWRM plan.
FileBay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Strategic Action Programme by Damaris Waigwa — last modified Sep 03, 2014 06:17 AM
The Strategic Action Programme (SAP) is a comprehensive plan to address the major fisheries, environmental and socio-economic problems affecting the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOBLME). The SAP has been developed by the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It recognizes that many of the issues facing BOBLME are transboundary in nature and that improved regional collaboration and management holds the greatest promise of positive change. The document is based on the transboundary diagnostic analysis (TDA) which was endorsed in March 2012 by the eight BOBLME countries. The SAP currently exists as a draft version and should be finalized by late 2014.
First Mares Conference Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation from Nov 17, 2014 08:00 AM to Nov 21, 2014 06:00 PM Olhão, Portugal, by Montakan Chimmuang
The Mares Conference is an international and open conference that will bring together scientists from different levels and disciplines to discuss and address issues about marine ecosystems health and conservation. The conference will be dynamic, innovative and participative, mixing oral presentations, round table discussions, science café and posters/ digital objects sessions.
Second International Ocean Research Conference (IORC) from Nov 17, 2014 08:00 AM to Nov 21, 2014 06:00 PM Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain , by Damaris Waigwa
The Second International Ocean Research Conference (IORC) will bring together the global scientific community to plan for the coming decade of international collaboration in marine science and technology. IORC will also focus on improving ocean governance. The event includes 16 thematic sessions that will focus on: building scientific knowledge; applying knowledge for societal benefit: achieving ecosystem management and sustainability; and improving governance and building capacity. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization\'s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) (UNESCO-IOC) and The Oceanographic Society are organizing the conference.
The 5th International Conference on Deserts, Drylands & Desertification from Nov 17, 2014 08:00 AM to Nov 20, 2014 06:00 PM University of the Negev, Israel, by Damaris Waigwa
The International Conference on Drylands, Deserts and Desertification (DDD) will focus on the theme, 'Healthy Lands - Healthy People'. It will consider the interactions between drylands and the people around them. The conference will include plenary lectures and panels, parallel sessions, workshops and field trips on theoretical and practical issues related to addressing desertification and sustainable livelihoods in dryland areas. Sessions will also be held on, inter alia: the target of zero net rate of land degradation; soil and land restoration; urban planning in drylands; and water policy in drylands.
World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development from Nov 10, 2014 08:00 AM to Nov 12, 2014 06:00 PM Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, by Damaris Waigwa
The 2014 Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) World Conference is organized by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Government of Japan, advised by an International Steering Group of 12 ESD experts from around the world. Based on a recommendation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), the UN General Assembly (UNGA) decided to dedicate a UN Decade to ESD (2005-2014) in December 2002. It designated UNESCO to coordinate global efforts to make education relevant for addressing present and future sustainable development challenges. The 2014 ESD World Conference will mark the end of the ESD Decade, as well as constitute an important milestone for pointing the way ahead. It will highlight the role of ESD for the transition to green economies and societies and as a catalyst for cross-sector planning and implementation of programmes in areas such as climate change, biodiversity and disaster risk reduction. The World Conference also will address how ESD can help move sustainable development policy and action forward to meet different global, regional, national, and local needs. The conference will be preceded by stakeholder meetings from 4-8 November.
CMS COP 11 from Nov 03, 2014 08:00 AM to Nov 09, 2014 06:00 PM Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador , by Damaris Waigwa
Ecuador will host the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 11) to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) in November 2014, marking the first time that a CMS COP is held in Latin America. The decision was taken during the 41st Meeting of the Standing Committee, on 28 November 2013, in Bonn, Germany. The COP will be preceded by a High Level Ministerial meeting on 3 November. Another Standing Committee meeting will be held 9 November upon closure of the COP.
47th Meeting of the GEF Council from Oct 28, 2014 08:00 AM to Oct 30, 2014 06:00 PM Washington D.C., US, by Damaris Waigwa
The Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Council meets twice per year to approve new projects with global environmental benefits in the GEF's focal areas, and to provide guidance to the GEF Secretariat and Agencies.
Tenth Meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC 10) from Oct 26, 2014 08:00 AM to Oct 30, 2014 06:00 PM Geneva, Switzerland, by Damaris Waigwa
The Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC) is a subsidiary body to the Stockholm Convention established for reviewing chemicals proposed for listing in Annex A, Annex B, and/or Annex C. The tenth meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC10) will take place from 27-30 October, with a pre-meeting on 26 October. This meeting is taking place back-to-back with the tenth meeting of the Rotterdam Convention Chemical Review Committee (CRC10).
26th Conference of the Danubian Countries on Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management from Sep 22, 2014 08:00 AM to Sep 24, 2014 06:00 PM Deggendorf, Germany , by Damaris Waigwa
The 26th Danube Conference, part of a series of biennial conferences hosted alternately by the countries of the river Danube, is being hosted by Germany, in Deggendorf. The Conference aims to share methodologies and case studies on hydrological basic information, hydrological forecasting and parameters, disaster management, the role of hydrological and biotic processes in aquatic systems, and linking different fields of science. Conference topics include: basis of hydrology; hydrological data management; hydrological modeling and forecasting; disaster events; administrative structures for water management; river basin and water management; and ecohydrology. The Conference is co-organized by: the German National Committee for the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and of the Hydrology and Water Resources Programme (HWRP) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO); the Bavarian Environment Agency; and the Deggendorf Institute of Technology.
37th WEDC International Conference from Sep 15, 2014 08:00 AM to Sep 19, 2014 06:00 PM Ha Noi, Viet Nam, by Damaris Waigwa
The 37th Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) International Conference will take place under the theme, 'Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services for All in a Fast Changing World'. The conference will provide a platform for debate, exchange and reflection on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). The conference will include three days of presentations and discussions on peer-reviewed papers, followed by two days of capacity development, which will include field visits. Side events throughout the week will showcase best practices. WEDC welcomes papers on any aspect of WASH relevant to low and middle income countries, particularly papers related to: delivery of sustainable WASH services at scale, urban sanitation investment; mainstreaming equity and inclusion within institutions; disaster risk management; and the impact of climate change on WASH systems and services.
11th Annual Meeting of the International Water and Resource Economics Consortium from Sep 07, 2014 08:00 AM to Sep 09, 2014 06:00 PM Washington D.C., US, by Damaris Waigwa
The World Bank will host the 11th annual meeting of the International Water Resource Economics Consortium (IWREC) on the theme "Efficiency and Water Conservation: Methodologies and Case Studies." Topics to be covered include: water and economic growth; residential water efficiency and conservation; integration of water for energy and energy for water; agricultural water productivity versus efficiency and conservation; water reuse and recycling; and climate change and efficiency of water supply and use.
UNEP Announces First International Environment Forum for Basin Organizations from Nov 26, 2014 08:00 AM to Nov 28, 2014 06:00 PM UN Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand, by Damaris Waigwa
The expected outcomes of the Forum include: the establishment of a regular platform for basin organizations to debate and work towards improving the governance and management of transboundary freshwater resources; strengthened legal, policy, financial and institutional mechanisms to support basin organizations in meeting environmental challenges for both surface and groundwater resources; priority actions to strengthen the ecosystems in transboundary basins applicable to both surface and groundwater resources identified by stakeholders; and increased political and institutional support to international cooperative frameworks for the sustainable management of transboundary basins.
3rd International Conference on Oceanography from Jun 22, 2015 08:00 AM to Jun 24, 2015 06:00 PM Boston, USA, by Montakan Chimmuang
Oceanography-2015 is the forum which brings together a unique and International mix of experts from both academia and industry from all around the globe to exchange their knowledge, experience and thereby build an Oceanography researcher community.
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