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Establish a schedule of content updating

by rcooper — last modified Oct 20, 2011 10:41 AM

(R) Establish a schedule for content updating (e.g., Daily -- news, calendar/list of events; Weekly -- jobs, newsfeeds from project and partners; Monthly -- newsletter, progress reports, contact details of project staff, etc.)

There are many items on your website that potentially may get out of date or become obsolete. Spend some time making an inventory of such items and their location on the site. These may include:

  • logos of major participants in your project
  • contact details of key project staff
  • calendar/list of upcoming events
  • news items
  • project documents and reports that may have been changed or updated
  • new web feeds from other projects, social networking websites and partner agencies
  • job vacancies, especially announcements that have expired or that have been filled.

(Website Guidelines pp. 118, (edited))

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