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Checklist for Website Development and Use

by rcooper — last modified Apr 04, 2012 01:23 PM

Checklist of mandatory and recommended items for developing and maintaining a GEF IW project website

The purpose of this checklist is to provide GEF IW projects with guidance in the design of websites and their subsequent management.

M = mandatory items R = recommended items


(M) Webpages download/render within a reasonable time
(M) Compatible with multiple browsers (including IE7+, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
(M) There are no broken links
(R) Syndication of project events (meetings, workshops, conferences, etc.) using web/RSS feeds
(R) Syndication of project news using web/RSS feeds
(R) Syndication of published documents using web/RSS feeds
(R) Adopts W3C guidelines for accessibility
(R) Allows functionality and collaborative website management (i.e., users can create content, not just the administrator)
(R) Works on multiple screen resolutions (fluid design)
(R) Inclusion of an online language translator


(M) Include up-to-date contact details of key project staff
(M) Regularly updated list and/or calendar of events (e.g., meetings, workshops, conferences)
(M) Regular publication of project-related news
(M) Regular release of electronic newsletter targeted at project stakeholders
(R) Establish a schedule for content updating (e.g., Daily -- news, calendar/list of events; Weekly -- jobs, newsfeeds from project and partners; Monthly -- newsletter, progress reports, contact details of project staff, etc.)
(R) Perform regular link integrity checking and maintenance


Design and layout:

(M) Logos of GEF, implementing and executing agencies prominently displayed
(M) Main navigation is clearly visible in every page
(M) Image sizes are optimized
(R) A link to the GEF IW:LEARN website on the home page
(M) Pages are clear and readable
(R) Consistent design theme (style and colors)
(R) Use of minimal Flash content and animated GIFs


(R) Inclusion of the following sections: About the Project; Documents Center; Calendar and/or List of Events; News, Media

Documents and data:

(M) Publication of key documents, such as the Project Document, TDA, SAP, and Experience Notes, and other reporting tools for project results, outputs and outcomes.
(R) Publication of datasets and associated metadata generated as project outputs


(M) Good quality of writing (e.g., no grammatical errors, no typos)
(M) Purpose of the website clearly stated on the homepage (e.g., mission statement, aim)
(M) Homepage to display 'Last updated: (Date and time)' or similar wording, with a link to a list of updated content, for example, located in the footer section
(M) Upload long documents as files (PDF, or MS Office files) instead of posting the entire content on a webpage
(R) Provision of Multilingual content

Geographic data:
(R) Inclusion of a map showing the project's area of interest.
(R) Creation of metadata records for project-generated geographic datasets or maintenance of a separate online metadata catalogue where metadata can be harvested by IW:LEARN.

(M) Website is easy to navigate (you know where you are in the site and how to get back to the home page, e.g., uses breadcrumb trail)
(M) Include a site map
(R) Provide access/link to mandatory sections from every page

Other components:
(M) Inclusion of a site-specific search engine (i.e., allows project site to be searched)
(M) Contact information on every page (e.g., in footer)
(M) Inclusion of a feedback form or a ‘mailto:’ link
(R) Provision of Web2.0 functionality (e.g., online forum, shared workspace, integration of existing social networking sites, etc.)
(R) Provision of video
(M) Assign keywords/meta tags to content to improve search engine discovery

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