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GEF IW:LEARN e-Bulletin, June 2011

The GEF IW:LEARN e-bulletin is a regular circular of information regarding upcoming meetings, projects specific news, interesting tools and applications of relevance to the GEF International waters community (and projects in particular). It serves as a mechanism to widely share highlights and news about your project with over 1400 water practitioners.

GEF IW:LEARN e-Bulletin, June 2011

New header for the E-bulletin.

Dear IW Colleagues and Subscribers,

Greetings and I hope you are well. The (northern hemisphere) summer has not provided any excuse for IW:LEARN3 to slow down. In fact, we with this latest issue of the E-Bulletin I am happy to draw attention to two signature outputs of the project. The first is the official launch of our revamped IW:LEARN Community Platform (available at www.iwlearn.net/community).

The GEF IW Community Platform is a pro-active online discussion and learning venue for the GEF International Waters portfolio of projects and partners that aims to facilitate dialogue and aid in both learning, and replication of successful projects. The platform offers a suite of interactive and networking tools for our portfolio, which are described in details in the flyer.

In essence we are giving iwlearn.net back to the community for the first time since the project started in 2000. I encourage you all to join the community, if you haven’t already and have a look. There is not much content yet, but that will change soon. The Platform will have a multitude of workspaces for various portfolio subsets. For example, a workspace for the groundwater projects community of practice (to be facilitated by UNESCO-IHP) and a surface water community of practice workspace (to be facilitated by IUCN). There are already many private workspaces for groups like the IW Task Force, the Transboundary Waters Assessment Project and others.

In other big news for us, we are less than 100 days away from the 6th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference, our project’s signature event, scheduled to take place from 17-20 October in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This year’s IWC coincides with the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of GEF. We’ll be having a very intimate look at the results of the IW portfolio since 1991. More information about this major IW event is available at www.iwlearn.net/iwc2011.

That’s all for now. I hope those of you in the northern hemisphere get a chance to take some summer holidays and hope to see many of you soon. We have many exciting deliverables on the way for the IW Portfolio that I hope to let you know about it subsequent issues, namely a Portfolio Visualization tool and the first outputs of other project components, such as our revision to the TDA-SAP Course & Methodology and Private Sector Engagement activity.

Best wishes,
Mish Hamid
IW:LEARN Project Manager

Lead Stories

UNDP and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) join forces to promote sustainable management of the Western Indian Ocean

[Agulhas Somali Current LME] UNDP and the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) signed a landmark cooperation agreement to promote sustainable management of marine resources in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region. The agreement has far reaching social and economic development implications to the nine countries in the Western Indian Ocean: Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa and Tanzania.

OKACOM at the helm of Okavango River Basin management

[Okavango River] The Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission (OKACOM) met on 27 May 2011 in Swakopmund, Namibia to deliberate on the management of the Okavango River Basin. The commission acts as the technical advisor to Okavango’s riparian states: Angola, Botswana and Namibia. UNDP supports the commission through the provision of capacity development on institutional, policy and investment reforms which are required to strengthen the management of shared natural resources. The Okavango River basin is one of the most pristine river systems in the world, which supports globally significant biodiversity resources, and also provides a strong basis for the socio-economic development of the three riparian countries.

HELCOM announces the elimination of four major pollution hot spots in the Baltic Sea area

Helsinki, 14 June (HELCOM Information Service) – The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM) today officially announced the elimination of four major pollution hot spots in the Baltic Sea drainage area, located in Lithuania.

GEF IW Project News

MedPAN offers to support small projects in Marine Protected Areas of the Mediterranean

[Mediterranean Sea LME Partnership] MedPAN launched a call for small projects for Mediterranean MPA managers. The projects that will be financed will contribute to helping MPA managers implement concrete field activities. This call for small project is made possible through the support of the French Environment Global Fund, the Albert II of Monaco foundation and the MAVA foundation.

ADB to Help Step Up Resource Management in Threatened Coral Triangle

[Coral Triangle Initiative Knowledge Management Activity] MANILA, PHILIPPINES (19 May 2011) - One of the world's most diverse and threatened marine ecosystems - the Coral Triangle - is getting Asian Development Bank (ADB) support to improve management of its rich resources and to provide job alternatives for people living in the coastal communities.

Round-up of the 8th IGCC/GCLME Steering Committee: Guinea Current LME project extension approved

[Guinea Current LME] ACCRA, 20 May - The IGCC/Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem received approval from its Steering Committee Thursday for a final “no-cost extension” of Strategic Action Plan Development (SAP) phase of the project that serves 16 countries in coastal West and Central Africa.

XVI Annual Meeting of the Trilateral Committee for Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management

[Gulf of Mexico LME] Oaxaca, Mexico. May 17-19 - The Canada/Mexico/U.S. Trilateral Committee of Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management facilitates and enhances cooperation and coordination among the wildlife agencies of the three nations in projects and programs for the conservation and management of wildlife, plants, biological diversity, and ecosystems of mutual interest. The Trilateral also facilitates the development of partnerships with other associated and interested entities. Delegations from each country come together annually for discussions on a wide range of topics, from joint, on-the ground projects to issues of law enforcement to the development of information databases.

Partner News

Groundwater for Emergency situations: A Methodological Guide

The precipitate growth of disasters that affect ever-increasing numbers of humanity in recent years and the inevitable attendant crisis in the emergency of supplying drinking water has prompted the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP) to undertake a project entitled 'Groundwater for Emergency Situations' (GWES).

Multiple ocean stresses threaten “globally significant” marine extinction

An international panel of experts warns in a report released today that marine species are at risk of entering a phase of extinction unprecedented in human history.

UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Rio+20 Subregional Preparatory Meeting for the Caribbean

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Rio+20 Subregional Preparatory Meeting for the Caribbean convened at the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Headquarters in Georgetown, Guyana, on Monday, 20 June 2011. Over 50 participants, including representatives from governments, UN bodies, and non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations attended.

It's our Future. Choose wisely.

The year is 2020. Climate change has been ignored, resources are running low and the world is faced with environmental and financial crisis. Can you solve the world's problems?

Regional workshop for national ICZM strategies

On 27-28 June, PAP/RAC, in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry, organised within the framework of the MedPartnership a Regional Workshop on National ICZM Strategies.

GWP-Med: Launching of the Assessment and Dialogue on Private Sector Participation in Water Infrastructure in Tunisia

The National Workshop on "Private Sector Participation in Water Infrastructure" was organised on 23 May 2011 in Tunis held within the framework of and supported by the GEF Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystems (MedPartnership) and the Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative (MED EUWI).

More News

New Project Documents

Caribbean WaterWays, Vol. 5, Issue 2, June 2011

This issue features: Saint Kitts' Basseterre Valley Aquifer Designated as a National Park; Assessing the State of Our Watershed and Coastal Areas - GEF-IWCAM Trains the Trainers (Community Based Resource Assessment); "Connecting the Dots" - Regional Journalists Sensitized to Watershed and Marine Conservation Issues; Caribbean Technicians Trained in Environmental Impact Assessment Review; The Bahamas' IWRM Workshop.

CTI News Volume 2. No. 2 / April - June 2011

In this issue: Indonesia and Malaysia form KM Teams to support NPOA implementation; Dedicated people serve as the heart of a KM system; and Q&A with KI Delvene Boso: Lessons Learned from developing the newsletter for the Solomon Islands NCC. Also included are news and feature articles under CTI NewsWatch and Resources.

IWC6 Second Announcement

This is the second announcement of the 6th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference.

IW Results Note Template

A GEF IW Results Note is a 1-2 page summary sheet of results from a GEF IW Project (at any given phase of the project). Results notes link closely to the GEF IW Tracking Tool, which remains the principle direct monitoring and evaluation tool for the GEF Secretariat to monitor project progress. The Results Notes provide an important basis for portfolio learning and preparing the IWC6 in October 2011. The results note template includes the project ID, title and objective. It should then contain a single sentence for the project’s indicators that captures the results achieved (to date) on that given indicator. Results, as defined, include both qualitative but in particular quantifiable results in three key areas: stress reduction, processes and water resource/environmental status. As these are parts of most projects’ results frameworks, as well as the IW tracking tool, it should be fairly easy to aggregate results along these lines for the upcoming IWC.

The Danube - naturally!

This video was produced by the GEF Hungary Nutrient Reduction Project. The project aims at improving the water quality of the Danube River and the Black Sea by reducing nutrient discharge from Budapest, which is the largest source of nutrient discharge in Hungary, and by increasing the nutrient trapping capacity of the Gemenc and Beda-Karapancsa wetlands, situated in the lower Hungarian part of the Danube River.

GEF IWRM Project's Google Earth layer

Pacific Island countries have uniquely fragile water resources due to their small size, lack of natural storage, competing land use, and vulnerability to natural hazards. In most Pacific countries, even small variations in water supply can have a significant impact on health, quality of life, and economic development.

More Projects and Documents

Events in July 2011


16-19 July California, USA

European Youth Meeting 2011

19-24 July Tallinn, Estonia

International Watershed Workshop

31 July - 04 I August Beijing, PR China

Climate Change Conference 2011

21-22 July I Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

6th International Conference on Environmental Future

18-22 July I Newcastle University, United kingdom

International Conference on Water Resources Management and Engineering 2011

22-24 July I Zhengzhou, China

Events in August 2011

World Water Week Training Courses on Water Management

19-20 August I Stockholm, Sweden

2011 World Water Week

21-27 August I Stockholm, Sweden

15th International Conference on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems – Water Reactors

07-11 August I Colorado, United States

2nd Annual International Law and Transboundary Freshwaters Workshop

01-05 August I Dundee City, UK

More Events I Events on a map

Vacancies and Requests for Proposals

International Consultants/Companies,GOS/UNDP/GEF Programme Coordination Unit (UNDP)

The international consultant/company shall be responsible to conduct a training program to familiarize and train local architects, engineers, developers and agents in Seychelles on green building technologies (Application Deadline: 15 July 2011).

International Consultancy, CB2 (UNDP)

The consultancy's main responsibility for the Capacity Development for Improved National and International Environmental Management in Seychelles” (or “CB2”) project described in these Terms of Reference is conceptualised to support the planning and design phase for Ile Aurore in particular, but will also provide meaningful knowledge and experience for the application of green building technologies elsewhere in the country (Application Deadline: 15 July 2011).

Team Leader, Water Management (MESP)

The objective of this project is to support the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) in drafting a water strategy and action plan including preliminary and preparatory work such as data collection, studies and analysis of water resources in Kosovo (Application Deadline: 15 July 2011).

Economist, Gulf and Southeast Oceans Program (EDF)

Environmental Defense Fund is seeking an Economist to serve as a senior member of the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast Oceans Program to advance economic and business strategies to restore the region’s fishery and coastal resources and make sustainable fishing practices and conservation the most economically sound way of doing business (Application Deadline: 17 July 2011).

Water Specialist (WB-IFC)

The Senior (Water) Specialist will be a technical resource on water efficiency technologies, business structures, and water sector markets to support IFC s global business as it engages in the water sector. Water use efficiency in the agriculture sector is expected to be an initial focus of this work. Working with IFC s regional departments and in collaboration with IFC s global network of field-based staff, the Water Specialist supports development of strategies and programs which accelerate market development of water-use technologies and practices that address water scarcity/quality and support economic development through efficient water resource use. With IFC s industry-focused investment departments, the Water Specialist supports innovation through new business models leveraging IFC investment in the water sector, thus leveraging substantial commercial investment (Application Deadline: 17 July 2011).

Deputy Regional Director, New England Oceans Program (EDF)

The New England Oceans Program Deputy Regional Director will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies that advance these goals in New England, and will play an instrumental role in guiding our fisheries project teams to success in their endeavors. The Deputy Director will report to the Director of EDF’s New England Oceans Program (Application Deadline: 17 July 2011).

Coastal and Ocean Management Specialist, CTI IW:LEARN MidTerm Evaluation (UNOPS EMO IWC)

A team of specialists will be formed to conduct the mid-term evaluation for IW: Learn/CTI, a GEF project being co-implemented by UNDP and ADB. The team will consist of a Coastal and Ocean Management Specialist with demonstrable experience on project monitoring and evaluation, and a Knowledge Management Specialist. The specialists will require an appropriate balance of management and technical skills, shared vision, knowledge of the region, experience with multidisciplinary projects and good communication and interpersonal skills (Application Deadline: 18 July 2011).

National Policy Specialist, Oceans Program (EDF)

The National Policy Specialist will be an integral member of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)’s Oceans Program working in a multidisciplinary setting to encourage the adoption, funding and implementation of incentive-based marine conservation tools and mechanisms (Application Deadline: 28 July 2011).

STAP – International Waters Panel Member (GEF)

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) of the GEF – a body formed to convey the best available scientific and technical advice to the GEF – is currently accepting applications from highly qualified candidates with outstanding academic and technical credentials and a passion for tackling global environment challenges in the area of International Waters (Application Deadline: 01 August 2011).

Knowledge Management Associate, UNDP Bangladesh (UNDP)

The Knowledge Management Associate will work in close collaboration with the Policy Support and Communications cluster including the ACD, the IT Department, Programme and Operations teams in the CO and with Project Focal Points for SharePoint and Knowledge Management (Application Deadline: 21 July 2011).

International Consultant-Climate Change Capacity Building & Policy Specialist (UNDP)

The project “Building adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change in the water sector in Cape Verde” is a national execution project of the government of Cape Verde and is implemented by the National Institute for Water Resource Management (INGRH) through its Project Management Unit in Praia as well as its Project Site Units in Santiago (Santa Cruz) and Santo Antao (Porto Novo) (Application Deadline: 29 July 2011).

Aqueduct Director (WRI)

The World Resources Institute (WRI) is seeking a Director to lead its Aqueduct project, a high-profile initiative to develop a publicly available, online global database of local-level water risks related to scarcity, pollution, regulatory pressure, governance, and socio-economic dynamics. The successful candidate will be responsible for the development and use of the Aqueduct database and its derivative analytical applications for more efficient and sustainable water resources management.

Fisheries Policy Specialist, Pacific Region (EDF)

EDF's Oceans Program aims to promote and implement sustainable fishery management for the benefit of the resource, fishermen, and fishing communities. EDF currently seeks a Fisheries Policy Specialist to advance these goals in the Pacific Region. Specifically, the successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring the successful design and implementation of the West Coast groundfish trawl rationalization program.

More Vacancies and Announcements

GEF IW Community Platform flyer
The GEF IW Community Platform is a pro-active online discussion and learning venue for the GEF International Waters portfolio of projects and partners. It aims to facilitate dialogue, and aid in both learning, and replication of successful projects. It provides a forum for good practices to be shared and to foster collaborative approaches to discovering innovative management and development strategies.
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