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GEF IW:LEARN e-bulletin #16, April 2009

by Christian Ledermann last modified Nov 18, 2010 12:38 PM

The GEF IW:LEARN e-bulletin is a regular circular of information including upcoming meetings, project specific news, interesting tools and applications of relevance to the GEF International Waters community (and projects in particular).

Contribute news and highlights about your project for future e-bulletins and share them with over 1300 water practitioners. Also, please let us know what you would like to see in future IWLEARN e-bulletins.

In This Issue

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Project News
Most Popular Documents on IW:LEARN (March 2009)
Calendar of Events from May to July 2009
Vacancies and Requests for Proposals

Lead Stories

UNEP/GEF IW:LEARN Data and Information Management Workshop, Tunis, Tunisia, 13-17 July 2009
IW:LEARN is organising a data and information management workshop to be held in Tunis, Tunisia. The purpose of the workshop is to improve access to geographic data and information generated from GEF IW projects and partners worldwide. The workshop focuses on the use of GeoNetwork Opensource software and is appropriate for information specialists, GIS experts and project members who are responsible for developing metadata.

For further details, please visit the Tunisia Workshop page .

UNEP/GEF IW:LEARN Caribbean Workshop, Kingston, Jamaica, 1-2 June 2009
The aim of this initiative is to test a mechanism for cross focal area linkages among GEF projects in the Caribbean.

For further information please visit the event page or contact Mr. Sean Khan (sean.khan@unep.org)

Social Networking with IW:LEARN
IW:LEARN is now using Twitter and Facebook social networking tools as additional means of disseminating news and events, and encouraging communication.

You can find IW:LEARN's latest Twitter updates by visiting http://twitter.com/iwlearn and join IW:LEARN's Facebook group. To join the latter, first you need to create a Facebook account by visiting http://www.facebook.com , and then click on this link which will take you directly to IW:LEARN's group page (or search for IW:LEARN group), and then click on 'Request to Join'.

If you wish to post news or events onto IW:LEARN.NET or IW:LEARN's Twitter service please contact us via http://www.iwlearn.net/contact , or email Mr. Sean Khan (sean.khan@unep.org) or Dr. Richard Cooper (richard@iwlearn.org).

ramsar_logo African Wetlands of International Importance: Assessment of Benefits Associated with Designations Under the Ramsar Convention
The article discusses results of surveys from 26 African Ramsar sites, reporting that Ramsar designation in Africa confers specific benefits to the surveyed sites and their local communities.

ramsar_logo Ramsar Sites of the World: Exemplary sites demonstrating delivery of the Ramsar goals across the world
This book contains accounts about a wide range of Ramsar sites from around the world. Published by the Ministry of Environment Korea; edited by WWT; and coordinated by UNDP/GEF Korea Wetland Project; 2009.
logotypeSiwi2.gif The TWO Analysis: Introducing a Methodology for the Transboundary Waters Opportunity Analysis
This report presents a conceptual framework that can be used by stakeholders concerned by the development and management of shared freshwater resources.

Project News

UN agencies, shipping corporations to tackle environmental threats
GloBallast Partnerships has established a pioneering public-private sector partnership titled “Global Industry Alliance for Marine Biosecurity (GIA)” .

Shrimp fisheries under scrutiny
Overfishing, bycatch and discards need to be urgently addressed - FAO calls for more comprehensive management of fisheries

A Regional Groundwater Management Institute for Southern Africa
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is establishing a new regional Groundwater Management Institute to be located in South Africa and be operational by the end of 2009.

The Rainwater Harvesting Initiative, Fond D’or Watershed, Saint Lucia
This is Part 2 of the article on the rainwater harvesting sub-project from the Global Environment Facility-funded Integrating Watershed and Coastal Areas Management (GEF-IWCAM) Project.

Draft SAP now available from UNEP-GEF WIO-LaB project
Draft Strategic Action Programme from the Protection of the Coastal and Marine Environment of the Western Indian Ocean from Land-based Sources and Activities (WIO-LaB) project is now available online.

Most Popular Documents on IW:LEARN.NET (March 2009)

The top five documents in March 2009:

Capabilities and Limitations of Decision Support Systems in Facilitating Access to Information [74 unique pageviews]

Sample Medium-Sized Project Concept Paper - "Makys" [45 unique pageviews]

Sample Medium-Sized Project Brief - "Forestland" [29 unique pageviews]

Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem Programme - Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA). 1999. [17 unique pageviews]

Strategic Action Program for Binational Basin of the Rio Bermejo [15 unique pageviews]

Calendar of Events from May to July 2009

Events in May 2009 :
Africa / Asia / Americas / Europe / Oceania / All regions

Events in June:

UNEP/GEF IW:LEARN Data and Information Management Workshop Tunis, Tunisia 13-17 July 2009

International Forum on Integrated Water Management Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada 1-3 June 2009

WWW-YES 2009 Creteil, France 2-5 June 2009

Aquatech China 2009 , Shanghai, China 3-5 June 2009

WasteQ 2009 Conference and Exhibition Brisbane, Australia 3-5 June 2009

International Training of Trainers on Wetland Management, Netherlands 8-26 June 2009

8th International Symposium on Water Supply Technology Kobe, Japan 10-12 June 2009

International Conference on Water Policy 2009 Prague, Czech Republic 22-26 June 2009

HELP International Stakeholder Seminar on Strengthening Water Governance for Sustainability Guadina, Portugal 24-26 June 2009

Singapore International Water Week Singapore 22-26 June 2009

Future Approach to Priority and Emerging Substances in European Waters Netherlands 24-25 June 2009

International Conference on Energy, Environment, Sustainable Development Paris, France 24-26 June 2009

EWRA 7th International Conference: Water Resources Conservancy and Risk Reduction Under Climatic Instability Limassol, Cyprus 25-27 June 2009

National Project Coordinator (IUCN - Ministry of Environment Project on Supporting the Management of Important Marine Habitats and Species of Lebanon) Closing date: 20 May 2009
The project coordinator shall work in close cooperation with the staff from the Lebanese Ministry of Environment and other relevant institutions as appropriate to implement, guide and supervise activities related to the execution of this project .

Consultant: Climate Change Adaptation and Development (UN) Closing date: 20 May 2009
This position will be home-based with frequent meetings at HQ in New York. Based on the above, UNDP’s Environment and Energy Group (EEG) within the Bureau for Development Policy is currently seeking the services of an International Expert on Climate Change Adaptation and Development to further strengthen its positioning and collaboration with the World Bank and other development partners in promoting adaptation to climate change at the country level, especially in relation to the World Bank’s new international climate change funds provided by donor governments .

Climate Change Adaptation Officer (IUCN) Closing date: 27 May 2009
The primary roles of the Climate Change Adaptation Officer will be to work as a focal point for IUCN’s climate change adaptation activities, to ensure that IUCN’s Secretariat, Commissions and Members collaborate more closely to deliver the 2009-2012 Programme on climate change adaptation, to communicate and exchange information both internally and externally, as well as to develop new partnerships. .

Environmental Affairs Officer (UNECE) Closing date: 29 May 2009
This position will report to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Environment, Housing and Land Management Division Secretariat of the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes. Under the general supervision of the Chief, Pollution Prevention Team, and under the direct supervision of the secretary of the Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (Water Convention), the incumbent will be responsible for the preparation of the second assessment of transboundary rivers, lakes and groundwaters .

Fisheries/Coastal Resource Management Specialists (USAID Project, Indonesia) Closing date: 30 June 2009
ARD, Inc. is accepting expressions of interest from qualified candidates for an anticipated multi-year USAID project in Indonesia dealing with coastal and fisheries resources management ARD is seeking candidates for potential long-term and short-term opportunities in various locations throughout Indonesia .

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