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Useful expressions and formats for doing a control search in iwlearn.net

by Taya Santives last modified Jun 16, 2014 11:38 AM
expressions for a more controlled search

Boolean expressions: word1 AND word2

This will search for all objects that contain both “word1” and “word2”. Valid Boolean operators include AND, OR, and NOT. A synonym for NOT is a leading hyphen (word1 -word2) which would search for occurences of “word1” but would exclude documents which contain “word2”. A sequence of words without operators implies AND. A search for “nutrient pollution reduction” translates to “nutrient AND pollution AND reduction”.

Parenthetical expressions: (word1 AND word2) OR word3)

This will return objects containing “word1” and “word2” or just objects that contain the term “word3”.

Wild cards: Z* or Zop?

The former will return all words that begin with “Z” while the latter will return all words that begin with “Zop” and have one more character - just like in a Un*x shell. Note though that wild cards cannot be at the beginning of a search phrase. ”?ope” is an illegal search term and will be ignored.

Phrase search: "coral reefs" OR biodiversity

Double-quoted text implies phrase search, and will search for all occurences of the phrase “coral reefs” or of the word “biodiversity”

All of these advanced features can be mixed together.

For example:

(marine AND biodiversity) AND NOT Zoo* will return all objects that contain the terms “marine” and “biodiversity” but will not include any objects that contain words that start with “Zoo” like “Zoologist”, “Zoology”, or “Zoo” itself.

Similarly, a search for whale OR dolphin -"freshwater mammal" will return all objects which contain the word “whale” or “dolphin” but do not contain the phrase “freshwater mammal”.

Source: http://docs.zope.org/zope2/zope2book/SearchingZCatalog.html#searching-zctextindexes