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United Nations Children's Fund

by Khristine Custodio last modified Nov 19, 2013 09:36 AM
UNICEF is the global authority dedicated to the nurture and care of children. It partners with other organizations to uplift the situation of children beset by poverty, violence, disease and discrimination. One of its Focus Areas is Child Survival and Development that runs projects on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Inland water ecosystems are often extensively modified by humans, more so than marine or terrestrial systems, and are amongst the most threatened ecosystem types of all. Physical alteration, habitat loss and degradation, water withdrawal, overexploitation, pollution and the introduction of invasive alien species are the main threats to these ecosystems and their associated biological resources

Active in more than 190 countries and territories, UNICEF upholds the Convention on the Rights of the Child and and works for the Millenium Development Goals.

    More about UNICEF

    UNICEF has country and regional offices mobilizing resources and strengthening international cooperation to achieve its Medium-Term Strategic Plan 2006-2013 targets on Child Survival and Development, Basic Education and Gender Equality, HIV / AIDS and Children, Child Protection, Policy Advocacy and Partnerships.

    It works to improve water supply and sanitation facilities in schools and communities, and promote safe hygiene practices. In emergencies it provides relief to communities and nations threatened by water supply disruption and disease. UNICEF programs have also been designed to address a specific MDG Goal: halve by 2015 the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation.


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    UNICEF House
    3 United Nations Plaza
    New York, New York 10017

    +1 212 326 7000
    +1 212 887 7465 
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