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How to: Setup a server (Server admins)

The CMS can be deployed to any platform, but this document covers Windows server only.

Steps to setup a new site in IIS
Create a site in IIS. Set the bindings to the domain you are going to use. Make sure to edit the Application pool and set .NET CLR version to “No managed code”. Also set the Application pool’s Identity to Network Service.

Copy the CMS system files to the site’s folder. Give the user Network Service full access to this folder.

Create a folder called logs in the root, and if the dll’s are located in a bin folder edit web.config and verify that the path to the dll is correct. Also, make sure logging are set to True (nice to have in case something doesn’t work).

Edit the “appsettings.json” file in the root. Specify the database connection string and set the SiteId to something that is not in use in this database already. Typically, one database holds multiple sites.

Update Title, Defaults, Languages and other settings you would like to change.

Configure the CMS and run initial setup
Load the site in the browser using the URL you specified in IIS above. Go to path /adm/setup.

Specify a user name (email) and password for the admin (webmaster) account, and log in.

After login a Build page will open. If you want to pre-build a basic site choose a Theme and hit Build.

In any case the site is ready to be worked on through the browser by clicking to Dashboard in the top bar. Path: /adm