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Strategic Action Programme: Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem

This Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem (GCLME) is a negotiated policy document under the aegis of the IGCC (later GCC) which describes policy, legal and institutional reforms and investments needed to address the priority problems of a transboundary nature identified in the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) of the GCLME Region. Within the context of the TDA, transboundary environmental issues include national/regional issues with transboundary causes/sources, transboundary issues with national causes/sources, national issues that are common to at least two of the countries and which require a common strategy and collective actions to address, and issues that have transboundary elements and implications. The document outlines the intervention actions required to resolve these priority problems.

Combating Living Resource Depletion and Coastal Area Degradation in the Guinea Current LME through Ecosystem-based Regional Actions

10 Sep 2014


Strategic Action Programme: Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem.pdf