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by Christian Ledermann last modified Aug 26, 2010 03:48
FileEaster Desert Project by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
Objectives: Develop a replicable integrated model (methodology) for evaluating the extent and development potential of renewable (non-renewable) groundwater resources in arid lands, with the Eastern Desert of Egypt as a pilot site. The model will be replicable for similar arid areas; North of Sudan, Tibesty, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Building national capacities.
FileManaging Hydrogeological Risks in the Lullemeden Aquifer System IAS (Mali, Niger, Nigeria) by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
MSP-GEF project gives a good opportunities: A Common Data base to the 3 countries. An initiation to the Mechanism of Concertation for the joint groundwater resources management and for the monitoring of the relevant indicators of hydrogeological risks.
FileThematic Breakout Session Two: Monitoring and Evaluation Results- Programme Study Recommendations by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
Objective: Developing a comprehensive M&E system for IW projects that ensures an integrated system for information gathering and assessment throughout the lifespan of a project.
FileGEF Program Study on International Waters Lessons Learned by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
1. Production and use of an accessible GEF International Waters Focal Area Manual. 2. To develop a comprehensive M & E System for IW Projects. 3. Incorporation of a regional level co-ordination mechanism. 4. Redefinition of the GEF International Waters Task Force.
FileFindings Relevant to the GEF IW Learn Confernce by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
Main objectives of the study: An assessment of the impacts and results of the IW focal area to the protection of transboundary water ecosystems. An assessment of the approaches, strategies and tools by which results were achieved. Identification of lessons learned and formulation of recommendations to improve GEF IW operations. The Study is a key input to the independent Overall Program Study of the GEF.
FileGEF Third Biennial Conference on International Waters by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
Notes on the State of Bahia (Brasil) Master Plan.
FileAlta Floresta- Mt- Brazil by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
Surface soil Hg distribution around gold buying shops apud Saulo Rodrigues Filho,CETEM.
FileXiamen ICM Demonstration Experiences and Lessons Learned by admin — last modified Mar 26, 2012 09:25
Xiamen, a modern international port scenery city, located on the southeast coast of China, covers a land area of 1565 km2 and a sea area of 340 km2 with a coastal line of 234 km. Xiamen was one of the five ports designated for international trade after the First Opium War (1840), and became an important international trading port. As one of the “special economic zone”, Xiamen economy has developed rapidly with an annual growth rate of more than 20% in the GDP since 1980. The marine economy, which consists of shipping, tourism, marine industry and marine technology, is a major part of the city’s economy. In 2000, the value of the ocean economy amounted to 11.5 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the city’s GDP. As consequences of rapid economic development, Xiamen also faces major coastal management problems such as marine pollution, habitat destruction, and multiple-use conflicts.
FileRiver Basin Management in Brazil- The Paraiba Do Sul Case by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
National Water Resources Policy Basic Principles: Water is public property,water is a limited natural resource, which has economic value, Priority in the use of water resources is given to human consumption and the watering of animals. The river basin is the territorial unit for the implementation of the National Water Resources Policy and for the actions of National Water Resources Management System.
FileCaspian Environment Programme by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
CEP made the conscious and early decision in development of the TDA, NAPs and SAP to stress equal importance to process and the final products themselves. Country involvement, dialogue and commitment were set as paramount goals.
FileUNEP/GEF International Waters Portfolio by admin — last modified Jun 17, 2014 08:59
A PowerPoint Presentation by Vladimir Mamaev, SPO UNEP/DGEF given during the Second Biennial GEF International Waters Conference in Dalian, China last September 25-29, 2002. The following topics are discussed in the slides: (1) UNEP IW Portfolio (2) UNEP’S comparative advantage in International Waters (3)UNEP IN GEF-III (4)Projects in the Pipeline (5)
FileGEF Sao Francisco: Integrated Management of Land Based Activities in the San Francisco Basin Project ANA/GEF/OAS/UNEP by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
Basic Principles of the GEF Projects: Community Involvement:Bottom up formulation. Continuity:Who will be responsible. Sustainability:Assuring the necessary support. Replicability:Multiplying the successful practices.
FileBlack Sea, Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis, Strategic Action Plan for the Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
1992 Bucharest Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution; and its protocols on LBS, dumping, and oil pollution. 6 coastal states with no outside intervention, modeled partially on UNEP Regional Seas Programme and partially HELCOM; Secretariat by the Parties. A legal & diplomatic tool, swift ratification, problems in setting up and funding the regional coordinating mechanism, call to UNEP for its assistance in preparing an Action Plan in view of lacking capacity and funds.
FileInstitutional Mapping of the San Juan River Basin by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
An Information and Communication Tool for Multi-stakeholder Participation.
FileInternational Cooperation in Water Management and Pollution Control in the Danube River Basin by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
The Danube River Basin,a cultural and historical centre of Europe. The Danube River Protection Convention is a legal frame for co-operation to assure the protection of water and ecological resources and their sustainable use in the Danube River Basin.
FileThe Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
Objective: Provide strategic framework for management of transboundary water & environmental challenges. Improved understanding of relationship of water resources development & environment. Provide forum to discuss development paths with wide range of stakeholders.
FileIW:LEARN ICT Showcase by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
Information and Communication Technology: What is it? Benefits to the GEF community.
FilePESMSEA : Lessons learned by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
ICM works effectively at local level, catalyzing ownership, partnership, co-financing and sustainability; creating enabling environment for investment; facilitating effective implementation of sea-use zoning; and promoting corporate responsibility.
FileLessons learned from China by admin — last modified Mar 26, 2012 09:25
Strong governmental support that stretches across all layers of government and involves a wide range of departments and agencies, complemented by complementary legislation and regulations.
FileBaltic Sea Environment Program by admin — last modified Feb 29, 2012 08:25
The Baltic Sea Environment Program is a regional environmental program that has progressed from “planning” to “implementation.”
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