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by Christian Ledermann last modified Oct 11, 2013 10:42 AM
Formerly entitled "Lessons Learned," this section of the site contains documents, reports and project case studies in GEF focal areas, developed by various GEF stakeholders. These documents enable projects to share their experiences in international water management with other IW projects in their region and worldwide.
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File Groundwater in international law. Compilation of treaties and other legal instruments This publication brings together a variety of binding and non-binding international law instruments that, in varying degrees and from different angles, deal wit... May 20, 2014 groundwater laws, Case Study/Lessons Learned, groundwaters
File Transboundary aquifers: managing a vital resource. The UNILC draft articles on the law of transboundary aquifers The UN International Law Commission (UNILC) embarked on the codification of the law of transboundary aquifers in 2002 in order to provide a legal regime for the... May 20, 2014 Aquifer, Case Study/Lessons Learned
File Freshwater and international law: the interplay between universal, regional and basin perspectives This paper focuses on some of the characteristics of the latest developments concerning international freshwater resources law by looking at the interplay of no... May 20, 2014 freshwater, freshwater law, Case Study/Lessons Learned
File International waters: indicators for identifying basins at risk This publication assess all reported events of either conflict or cooperation between nations over water resources over the last fifty years and use these event... May 20, 2014 Case Study/Lessons Learned
File History and future of shared water resources This publication contains a number of "think pieces" which analyze historical experiences from the distant past of prehistory to the present, and identify the m... May 20, 2014 Case Study/Lessons Learned, shared water resources
File Human Development Report 2006. Chapter 6: Managing transboundary waters The Human Development Report was first launched in 1990 with the goal of putting people back at the center of the development process in terms of economic debat... May 20, 2014 transboundary waters, Case Study/Lessons Learned
File Water, a shared responsibility, the United Nations world water development report 2 The United Nations World Water Development Report, released every three years, provides a mechanism for monitoring changes in the resource and its management an... May 20, 2014 shared waters, UN water report, Case Study/Lessons Learned
File Transboundary water resources management: the role of international watercourse agreements in implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity This document explains why biodiversity conservation and sustainable use present a powerful argument to manage transboundary waters better, how regulatory frame... May 20, 2014 Biodiversity, transboundary water resources, Case Study/Lessons Learned
File Transboundary waters: sharing benefits, sharing responsibilities This UN-Water thematic paper presents the main benefits of transboundary water cooperation and the basic pillars considered as necessary for long-term, sustaina... May 20, 2014 transboundary waters, Case Study/Lessons Learned
Atlas of transboundary aquifers. Global maps, regional cooperation and local inventories http://www.isarm.org/publications/324 May 20, 2014 Aquifer
File Transboundary water cooperation reader. UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC) This reader is intended for all those interested in getting familiar with transboundary water issues. The reader provides basic references for easy reading and ... May 20, 2014 transboundary waters, Case Study/Lessons Learned
File International waters: review of legal and institutional frameworks This report discusses the legal and institutional frameworks that apply to twenty-eight international water bodies that were identified as part of the UNDP/GEF ... May 20, 2014 Groundwater, Case Study/Lessons Learned
File Design determinants for a Nile River Basin Organization (NRBO) This study seeks to contribute to the growing literature around the cooperative management of transboundary water resources in the Nile Basin. Based on the ass... May 20, 2014 Nile river, ProjectDocument:other, Case Study/Lessons Learned
File The agreement on the Guarani aquifer: cooperation without conflict This paper analyzes the international law and geopolitical frameworks that prompted cooperation on the Guarani Aquifer Agreement. The Guarani Aquifer System ... May 20, 2014 Aquifer, ProjectDocument:Report
File Global mercury assessment 2013: sources, emissions, releases and environmental transport This Executive Summary presents an overview of the key findings of the Global Mercury Assessment 2013. The report provides the most recent information availab... May 21, 2014 ProjectDocument:Report, emissions, mercury
File Arctic ocean acidification assessment: summary for policymakers AMAP Arctic Ocean Acidification Assessment: Summary for Policy-makers. This document presents the Executive Summary of the 2013 Arctic Ocean Acidification (AOA)... Aug 11, 2014 Acidification, Arctic, ProjectDocument:Report
File Technical background report for the Global Mercury Assessment 2013 This report details the technical background to the Global Mercury Assessment 2013 – Sources, Emissions, Releases and Environmental Transport (summary for p... May 21, 2014 ProjectDocument:Report, mercury, mercury assessment
File UNESCO-IHE education and training guide 2014 This is the UNESCO-IHE education and training guide 2014. UNESCO-IHE is the largest international post-graduate water education facility in the world. The in... May 21, 2014 UNESCO-IHE
File Catalysing ocean finance vol. 2- methodologies and case studies Volume II of Catalysing Ocean Finance is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 provides a detailed description of the TDA/SAP methodology as a strategic plan... May 21, 2014 ProjectDocument:Report, ocean finance
File Catalysing ocean finance vol. 1- transforming markets to restore and protect the global ocean Volume I explores the main causes of coastal and ocean degradation and presents a new paradigm to sustainably utilise open access resources such as the global o... May 21, 2014 ProjectDocument:Report, global ocean