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GEF IW Project Manuals

by Taya Santives last modified May 12, 2014 10:42 AM

TDA/SAP Methodology

The TDA/SAP Process is the method through which GEF IW projects are developed. The TDA assesses the transboundary issues and root causes that the project is seeking to address, The SAP is the agreed upon framework of policies and actions that the constituent countries will be implementing to solve the transboundary issues identified in the TDA.

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Public Private Partnerships Guidebook

The Public-Private Partnerships Guidebook is a reference source and a guide for GEF IW projects. It contains information on the engaging the private sector both generally and in the context for a GEF IW project. This tool contains step by step guidance from the stage of determining whether and what kind of private sector relationship fits for the project to facilitating the conversations, and case studies of GEF IW projects experiences with engaging the private sector.

Project Management Manual

The Project Management Manual is a tool referential guide, addressing every important topic and issue that GEF IW projects must tackle. It contains a checklist to consider at every stage from inception to project closure, and gives guidance important topics such as monitoring and evaluation and financial considerations.

Mainstreaming Climate Change Guidance

The Guidance on Mainstreaming Climate Change and Variability is a reference source and a guide for GEF IW projects. It is designed to assist GEF IW projects with the GEF V requirement to take climate change and variability into consideration in the implementation of IW projects.

Other important tools to support the manuals

The Document Library contains important documents, including guidance, approaches, reports, and other project documents produced by GEF IW projects during the TDA/SAP Process as well as throughout the implementation of the projects. The contents of the library are sorted by Manual and theme/topic.

The Glossary is a compilation of important terms that GEF project staff and stakeholders need to know.


The Acknowledgements Page recognizes the generous contributions of key GEF IW portfolio stakeholders to the development of these manuals.

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