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Acknowledgments Page

This page acknowledges the contribution of key GEF IW portfolio stakeholders to the development of the project management methodology and the TDA-SAP methodology and course revision.

With this page, the GEF IW:LEARN project would like to acknowledge the contribution of key project stakeholders to the successful completion of both the Project Management Manual and the TDA-SAP Methodology & Course Revision. Neither IW portfolio tool would be a success without this important support from key people, for which the project is eternally grateful.

Both products evolved in close synergy between their respective lead consultants, Peter Whalley (PM Manual) and Martin Bloxham, Barefoot Partnership (TDA-SAP Methodology and Course Revision). They worked in close partnership with the GEF IW:LEARN PCU, on the content side with Patrick Weiler and on the technical side with rest of the entire IW:LEARN project coordination unit (Mish Hamid, Khristine Custodio, Taya Santives, Christian Ledermann and Damaris Waigwa).

We received inputs from a variety of stakeholders through various means. Chief among these means were face-to-face meetings and of course, various virtual collaboration. We would like to acknowledge the participants (both GEF IW project managers and GEF agency staff) who provided inputs to both tools in Dubronvik, Croatia in October 2011. Most of the portfolio’s active project managers attended sessions prior to the launch of the 6th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference.

We would also like to thank the project managers who attended a confirmation session in Copenhagen, at the premises of the UN Office for Project Services in July 2012. Project managers including, Michael Akester of the Humboldt Current, Patrick Debels of the Caribbean Sea LME, David Vousden of the Agulhas Somali Current LME, Rudolph Hermes of the Bay of Bengal LME, Nico Willemse of the Benguela Current LME, Novak Cajdenovic & Agim Shimaj from Lake Skadar-Shkodra, Hubert Onibon from the Volta River, Mary Matthes from the Kura-Aras River…as well as attendees, Vladimir Mamaev of the UN Development Programme, John Joyce of the Stockholm International Water Institute and Kirsten Helsgaun of UNOPS, who provided key inputs as well as documents from their projects.

We would also like to acknowledge the support of the IW:LEARN Technical Advisory Group, which had over twenty participants, mostly including GEF IW project managers but also other GEF IW stakeholders. We would really like to acknowledge the active contributions from members like Rudolph Hermes, Max Donkor, Michael Akester, Hubert Onibon, Birane Sambe, Gedion Asfaw, David Vousden and finally last but not least, Mary Matthews, who also provided major support in Dubrovnik and also content to both tools.

Finally, we would thank the various agencies, GEF, UNDP, UNEP, UNOPS, the World Bank among many others, who have provided inputs through various means.