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Consultant Integrated Wetland Management Expert

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Integrated management plans are used throughout the world as an important tool for planning, implementing and monitoring the management of wetland protected areas. In the case of each of the demonstration sites (and other WPAs around the country), some work has already been undertaken to draft management plans for the sites, although none are yet operational. At Lake Uromiyeh and its satellite wetlands, support from previous international projects has allowed for the preparation of a detailed environmental baseline studies and draft action plan. In addition two training courses in wetland assessment and management were held for the Lake Uromiyeh wetlands during the recent “Integrated Water Resources Management for the Uromiyeh Basin” project – these resulted in the drafting of a management plan for Dorgeh Sangi wetland through an inter-sectoral process. It will be important to reach both local and national-level agreement early in the present project concerning the final form of the Lake Uromiyeh Management Plan, as well as the draft plan for Lake Parishan. Additional consultations with, and participation by, local communities will play an important role in this process. Once finalized, these plans will in turn help to determine the details of support to be provided in the case of each site. Support is expected to include such measures as: development of zonation schemes; revised regulations concerning access and use by local communities and others, based on zoning; strengthened enforcement of revised regulations; implementation of ecological rehabilitation measures, and; development of visitor management plans. The project envisages activities to restore severely degraded satellite wetlands to the south of Lake Uromiyeh. A report covering some of the priority restoration needs was prepared during the recent “Integrated Water Resources Management” project, and these recommendations will be finalised and implemented. (Deadline: 17th March 2009)

Qualifications and Requirements:

The expert will provide targeted support to the following activities:
  • Review existing process (and tools) for WPA management plan formulation within DOE, and develop recommendations for improvement building on international best practice (eg ecosystem approach, Ramsar management planning guidelines).
  • Ensure that national-level biodiversity conservation objectives are incorporated into site management planning.
  • Identify and support priority actions for preparing and implementing integrated management plans for Lake Uromiyeh and its satellite wetlands, Lake Parishan and other replication sites.
  • Provide support to site-level wetland management committees (including evaluation of their effectiveness) and other inter-sectoral participatory processes.
  • Develop guidelines for improved wetland management (eg on sustainable use, zonation etc).
  • Review progress with implementation of management plans
  • Support development and implementation of wetland restoration plans.
  • Provide training in wetland management planning and restoration, including participatory processes, at national, provincial and local levels.
  • Support monitoring and reporting of progress on wetland management planning and restoration.


  • Integrated ecosystem management approach (wetlands).
  • Management planning (processes) and implementation for protected areas.
  • Participatory processes.
  • Wetland biodiversity management.
  • Wetland restoration.


  • Relevant developing country / biogeographical experience.
  • At least 5 years of relevant working experience in the field of training.
  • Master degree in related areas.

Application Deadline:

17th March 2009

For more information, please visit http://jobs.undp.org/cj_view_job.cfm?job_id=8994

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