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Chief Technical Advisor, International Waters-EUO

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The project Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) shall be responsible for providing critical technical input to project implementation and overall management and supervision of the GEF project. He/she will manage and provide overall supervision for all GEF staff in the Project Management and Coordination Unit (PMCU). He/she shall liaise directly with the UNDP-GEF Regional Technical Advisor, National Focal Points (NFPs) and project partners in order to develop the annual work plan and budget for the project (Application deadline: 11 May 2009).

He/she will report to the UNDP-GEF Regional International Waters Advisor located in UNDP Bratislava. He/she shall consult with, and coordinate closely with, the Principal Project Resident Representative, senior representatives of partner agencies as well as the respective UNDP officers in all Caspian Countries. In dealing with activities pertaining to the Tehran Convention process, he/she shall consult and cooperate closely with the Tehran Convention Interim Secretariat.

Duties and Responsibilities

The CTA will have the following specific duties:


  • Supervise and coordinate the project to ensure its results are in accordance with the Project Document and the rules and procedures established in the UNDP Programming Manual;

  • Provide managerial leadership of the CaspEco project - both organizational and substantive matters – budgeting, planning and general monitoring of the project, the PMCU, its staff located in five countries, its budget and its imprest fund;

  • Ensure adequate information flow, discussions and feedback among the various stakeholders of the project;

  • Prepare annual work plans and implementation of project activities in full consultation with the SC and the Tehran Convention Interim Secretariat. The work plan will provide guidance on the day-to-day implementation of the project document noting the need for overall coordination with other projects and on the integration of the various donor funded parallel initiatives;

  • Catalyze the adaptive management of CaspEco by actively monitoring progress towards achievement of project objectives vis-a-vis the agreed progress indicators and applying the resulting insights to the project’s ongoing work;

  • Ensure adherence to the project’s work plan, prepare revisions of the work plan, if required;

  • Assume overall responsibility for the proper handling of logistics related to project workshops and events;

  • Prepare GEF quarterly project progress reports and annual Project Implementation Reports (PIR), as well as any other reports requested by the UNOPS, UNDP and GEF;

  • Guide the work of consultants and subcontractors and oversee compliance with the agreed work plan;

  • Monitor the expenditures, commitments and balance of funds under the project budget lines, and draft project budget revisions;

  • Assume overall responsibility for the meeting financial delivery targets set out in the agreed annual work plans, reporting on project funds and related record keeping;

  • Liaise with project partners to ensure their co-financing contributions are provided within the agreed terms.

Technical Input:

  • Provide critical and significant environmental/natural resource-related technical input to project implementation based upon professional background and experience. This technical input to be agreed and detailed at project inception;

  • Provide overall technical guidance and consistency of vision for project’s ecosystem-based management approach as manifested through the development of related sub-contracting documents;

  • Effectively and efficiently implement the project activities towards full achievement of its stated objectives and for all substantive, managerial and financial reports from the Project;

  • Engage in a constructive dialogue with the NFPs and project partners worldwide to maximize consistency and synergy between the various project components;

  • Provide technical input to and be responsible for preparation of the development of Terms of Reference for consultants and contractors;

  • Arrange for the timely recruitment and procurement of quality services and equipment and for implementation of project activities of in accord with applicable rules, regulation and standards;

  • Foster and establish technical best-practice links with other related Caspian initiatives and, where appropriate, with other regional International Waters programmes;

  • Interact on a technical, substantive level with the Tehran Convention Interim Secretariat and its Subsidiary Body in order to maximize sustainability of project-inspired outcomes under the long-term umbrella of the TCIS;

  • Catalyze the development private sector partnerships for complementary technical activities and to improve sustainability of project-inspired actions;

  • Provide overall technical guidance to maintain and develop the project web-site seeking and incorporating data and information from all project partners;

  • Provide overall technical guidance to development of web-based Caspian Information Center and the PMCU’s Technical Documents Unit;

  • Represent the project at the Steering Committee meetings, technical meetings and other appropriate regional and global fora.


  • Advanced University Degree in environmental management or a directly related field, e.g. applied marine science, natural resources economics;

  • At least ten (10) years experience in fields related to the assignment including 6 years of experience at a senior project management level;

  • Proof records of successful project management in developing countries.;

  • Must be able to demonstrate ability to make significant technical and management contributions to project implementation under both Components 1 and 2.

  • Demonstrated diplomatic and negotiating skills; familiarity with the goals and procedures of international organizations, in particular those of the GEF and partners UNDP, UNEP, WB;

  • Excellent knowledge of English;

  • Familiarity with the region and with Caspian coastal countries,

  • Knowledge of Russian language is an asset.

Application Deadline

11 May 2009

For the further details, visit http://www.caspianenvironment.org/VA%20CTA%20Astana%20Kazakstan%202%20VM.pdf.

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