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This Strategic Action Programme is based on the preliminary findings of the regionally prepared transboundary diagnostic analysis that represents a regional synthesis of actions regarding the protection of the marine environment from land-based activities. The following Table presents the perceived major problems of the Mediterranean region and their associated transboundary elements. Seven major problems have been identified from a review of the results of the work of the Mediterranean Action Plan over the last twenty years, the work of related programmes and the reviews undertaken in the context of the present activity. Five main root causes are identified as resulting in the identified problems, although the relative importance of each cause differs in relation to the individual problems. In addition two major types of action are proposed to address each of the identified problems and again the relative importance of each area of action differs according to the nature of the problem. (p. 2)
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The Mediterranean countries, recognized that there is a need for a coordinated and innovative approach for the implementation of policy reforms, priority interventions and investments that address transboundary pollution and biodiversity conservation priorities identified in the two SAPs and the NAPs. Accordingly, they have agreed on a collective effort for the protection of the environmental resources of the Mediterranean, the Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem, led by UNEP and the World Bank, co-funded by the GEF and involving other relevant agencies, IFIs and bilateral and multilateral donors. The Partnership will serve as a catalyst in leveraging policy/legal/institutional reforms as well as additional investments for reversing degradation of the Mediterranean Sea Basin, with its coastal habitats and marine living resources.
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