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CTI Strategies for Fisheries Bycatch Management

Aquatic resources and stocks protected, and biodiversity maintained and enhanced in the Coral Triangle/South China Sea (SCS) region through application of strategies and technologies for fisheries bycatch management.


Indonesian Sea (LME) , Gulf of Thailand (LME) , Sulu-Celebes Sea (LME) , South China Sea (LME)

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General information
GEF ID 3619
Project type Full-Sized Project
Project Status Under Implementation
Start Date 20 Apr 2009
End Date 30 Dec 2014
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area
GEF Allocation to project 3.20M US$
Total Cost of the project: 9.90M US$
Indonesia , Papua New Guinea , Philippines , Thailand , Viet Nam

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)