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E-FACT Study can help show the importance of CT6 to global fish supply

by Lourdes Margarita last modified Nov 09, 2011

The E-FACT study was formally introduced to the CT6 countries during the "Second CTI Regional Exchange on the Implementation of EAFM Activities in the Coral Triangle Countries" in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on 20-23 September 2011. The Regional Exchange aimed to mobilize and operationalize the CTI EAFM Technical Working Group (TWG) and develop a common regional framework for legislation and policy on EAFM.

Mr. Rollan Geronimo, Research Assistant on Fisheries Economics of the ADB CTI KM Project, gave an overview of the study, which included initial results from compiled CT6 fisheries statistics. The presentation highlighted the importance of the CT6 to global fish supply and the need to sustain management and conservation efforts in the region for global food security.

The E-FACT study will produce a compiled and edited publication on the value of fisheries and aquaculture of the Coral Triangle. Mr. Geronimo invited participants from the CT6 (government officials from the fisheries departments/ministries, fisheries experts, and partners from the Australian Government, TNC, CI, and WWF) to contribute to this knowledge product.

Mr. Geronimo and Ms. Nurulhuda Ahmad Fatan, Knowledge Integrator for Malaysia, also participated in the breakout groups for the formulation of a Regional Framework on EAFM. From the initial workshops, all CT6 countries identified the need to improve fisheries data collection. It was also necessary to prioritize the development of data and knowledge sharing mechanisms as in the EAFM roadmap and regional framework. The E-FACT study is building an extensive collection of data from various sources, which can be developed into a knowledge sharing system incorporated in the RETA.

Mr. Geronimo also briefed Mr. Eko Rudianto of the Regional Secretariat on the E-FACT study. Mr. Rudianto expressed his hope that the study can help communicate the global importance of the CT6 fisheries through science-based research. Effective communication of this message will help build resources to sustain the CTI.