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Indonesia and Malaysia form KM Teams to support NPOA implementation

by Lourdes Margarita last modified Jun 15, 2011

Indonesia and Malaysia have designated the members of their Knowledge Management (KM) Teams and have endorsed them to the ADB RETA Team. The KM Teams are expected to support the KM and communication needs of the National Coordinating Committees (NCCs) in carrying out their National Plans of Action (NPOAs).

The KM Teams are the RETA’s partners in advocating KM among key decision-makers in the CTI. Their main task will be to contribute to knowledge capture and sharing using different tools and mechanisms. They will also help in building a CTI community of practice (COP) in their respective countries to address the CT6 NPOA goals and priorities and ensure participation in a regional CTI COP.

The NCCs endorsed the creation of the country KM Teams during the Regional Needs Assessment and State of the Coral Triangle Report (SCTR) Workshop held at the ADB headquarters on 15-16 March 2011. The other CT6 countries are still in the process of forming their KM Teams.

IW:LEARN workshop

Representatives from the NCCs were sponsored by ADB RETA 7307 to attend a five-day workshop on the IW:LEARN (International Waters Learning Resource Network)  in Ayutthaya, Thailand from 23-27 May. Participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, and the Philippines learned how to set up and manage their country workspaces using the freely available IW:LEARN toolkit.

The group explored the potential of the IW:LEARN platform as a mechanism for collaboration within the CT6. They also learned how to link existing websites and share information via the CTI portal. They also discussed guidelines on content organization, development and publishing, visualization, content syndication, and how to use the Community Workspace.

Participants included Ms. Sarah Jane C. Tagtag, Management Information Specialist, Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Philippines); Mr. Chitdrakantan Subramaniam from MOSTi (Malaysia); and Mr. Ronald Lukisi, Systems Administrator from the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE).

Two participants from Indonesia came - Mr. Raden Tomi Supratomo representing the NCC and Mr. Permana Yudiarso from the Regional Secretariat. Both were from the Directorate Spatial Planning for Marine, Coast, and Small Island Affairs, Directorate General Marine, Coast and Small Island Affairs, MInistry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF).

ADB-RETA 7307 consultants, Jay Payuyo (IT Specialist) and Lourdes Margarita Caballero (Web Writer and Documentation Specialist), supervised the group.

“Through this workshop, our participants understood how to harmonize their websites with the proposed regional collaboration platform,” said Mr. Payuyo.

He also said that the RETA Team will conduct country coaching as a follow-up to the IW:LEARN workshop to demonstrate the CTI KM portal.


June 2011 issue

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