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Meeting with RSEC and INO NCC clarifies links between DSS, SCTR, and CT-LRN portal

by Lourdes Margarita last modified Nov 09, 2011

RETA Team Leader Abbie Trinidad, Decision Support System (DSS) Specialist Perry Aliño, and Web Writer Lourdes Caballero met with the Regional Secretariat and members of the Indonesia NCC working on the country website in a series of meetings in Jakarta, Indonesia on 2-5 October 2011.

The group aimed to formally present the Coral Triangle Learning Resource Network (CT-LRN) and how it supports the learning and collaboration process needed to build the State of the Coral Triangle Report (SCTR).

Dr. Aliño gave an overview of the range of DSS tools and explained how these complement the writing of the SCTR. A decision support framework is a tool used to identify and clarify problems, help organize available data, and evaluate possible scenarios to help communities choose and take the best decision to act on.

“The SCTR is a living document and among its purposes is to engage stakeholders and forge partnerships with them. DSS tools, such as ReefGame, provide an entry point for communities to talk about marine ecosystems, livelihoods, illegal fishing, and local development initiatives by playing a board game.”

Ms. Caballero said that the CT-LRN was designed to help users learn more about the different resources that can help them write the report. “CT-LRN is a knowledge hub where researchers can upload DSS tools that they have developed and share their experiences and lessons learned in using these through the Learning Notes and Experience Notes,” said Ms. Caballero. CT-LRN can also help users collaborate by providing a facility to discuss and reach out to like-minded practitioners through the Community of Practice (COP) section.


Click here to download the PowerPoint about the Coral Triangle Learning Resource Network.