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Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle-Southeast Asia (CTI-SEA)

CTI-SEA is one of the largest technical assistance of the Asian Development Bank to the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Forestry, and Fisheries (CTI-CFF). It targets improved coastal and marine resources in the Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion (SSME) Priority Seascape within the Coral Triangle.


The regional technical assistance is expected to result in the increased resilience of coastal and marine ecosystems and human communities in the CT3 through improved management of coastal and marine resources in the SSME priority seascape.

It will support the introduction of more effective management of coastal and marine resources, especially those associated with coral reef ecosystems. This will help to build their resilience in a period of increased threats arising from human-induced and climate change impacts. As a result, ecosystem integrity and productivity will be maintained and socioeconomic status of coastal communities will improve.


CTI-SEA has three outputs:

  1. Output 1: CT3 governments supported in the establishment of an enabling environment for sustainable coastal and marine resources management;
  2. Output 2: Constraints to sustainable fisheries management and economic development in the coastal zone addressed, such as illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUUF), overfishing, and natural habitat destruction, among others; and
  3. Output 3: Effective project implementation ensured through the establishment of a project management system
Large Marine Ecosystem

Indonesian Sea (LME) , Sulu-Celebes Sea (LME)

Asia , South-Eastern Asia

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GEF ID 3589
Project type Full-Sized Project
Project Status Project Closure
Start Date 12 Aug 2012
End Date 15 Dec 2017
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GEF Allocation to project 11.21M US$
Total Cost of the project: 15.21M US$
Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Ms. Lourdes Margarita Caballero Communications and Public Awareness Specialist