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Caspian II - Project Concept Paper

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• Absence of a ratified and in force Regional Framework Convention for the Protection of the Environment, or analogous agreement • Lack of specific protocols for such a regional Convention (including protocols on land-based activities, marine pollution sources, biodiversity conservation) • Intense economic reliance on oil and gas resources of the Sea, with accompanying socio-political tensions • Global over-valuation of sturgeon caviar, combined with decrease in available supplies • Lack of regional agreement on legal status of the Caspian Sea • Weakness in understanding and policy recognition of value of biodiversity conservation for current and future generations • Lack of regional planning institutions (e.g., for regional EIA, responding to transboundary emergencies, fisheries management, regional conservation efforts) • Weak public (stakeholder) participation at levels of decision-making and weak public awareness (under-developed civil society) of environmental issues • Absence of national budget allocated for the environment due to low priorities placed on environmental issues At the National level: • Weaknesses in existing policy, legal, and regulatory institutional framework to address specific problems of the Caspian Sea • Lack of enforcement of existing laws and regulations • Low income levels and poverty amongst some Caspian residents • General weakness of Environmental Agencies/Ministries in the region • Absence of government will and budget addressed towards environmental matters • Transition economies leave large gaps for abuse of power in coastal and marine affairs (fishing, poaching, use of resources, planning/management) • Lack of an effective coastal zone planning and management function in all five countries • Weak intersectoral cooperation on environmental issues (e.g., conservation, fisheries, resource use)

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