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Dead Zones Can Be Reversed

Low oxygen Dead Zones are a global threat to livelihoods and are increasing in the coastal areas of the world, due to pollution from agriculture, untreated sewage and dumping. Experts say that restoring Dead Zones is increasingly achievable, to recover the ecosystem services provided to people from healthy coastal waters, but the prevention of Dead Zones is still better than cure. The Global Environment Facilitys Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel brought leading scientists from many countries together in China at an Expert Consultation hosted by East China Normal University, Shanghai during 22-23 October. Interviewees: Meryl Williams, GEF Scientific and Advisory Panel (STAP) Ivan Zavadsky, Global Environment Facility Philip Weller, International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River Video Produced for GEF IW:LEARN by The 20/20 Group

25 Oct 2013


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