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IW Results Note Template

A GEF IW Results Note is a 1-2 page summary sheet of results from a GEF IW Project (at any given phase of the project). Results notes link closely to the GEF IW Tracking Tool, which remains the principle direct monitoring and evaluation tool for the GEF Secretariat to monitor project progress. The Results Notes provide an important basis for portfolio learning and preparing the IWC6 in October 2011. The results note template includes the project ID, title and objective. It should then contain a single sentence for the project’s indicators that captures the results achieved (to date) on that given indicator. Results, as defined, include both qualitative but in particular quantifiable results in three key areas: stress reduction, processes and water resource/environmental status. As these are parts of most projects’ results frameworks, as well as the IW tracking tool, it should be fairly easy to aggregate results along these lines for the upcoming IWC.


04 Mar 2011

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IW Results Note Template.doc