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Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC)

In terms of the Commission’s CMMs, according to Article 10, the Commission is authorized to regulate the quantity and size of a species or stock that can be caught, the level of fishing effort, fishing capacity (such as limits on fishing vessel numbers, types and sizes), the areas and periods open for fishing, the fishing gear and technology that can be used, as well as fishing in particular subregions of the Convention Area. For example, any fishing vessel that is not on the Record of Fishing Vessels, but is found to be harvesting relevant species in the Convention Area (and not fishing exclusively in the waters under the jurisdiction of its flag state) is presumed to be carrying out IUU fishing activities. The TCC will not include a vessel on the IUU Vessel List if the vessel’s flag state demonstrates: (a) the vessel in question fished in a manner consistent with the Convention and the CMMs, or with the laws of a coastal state if it was only fishing in waters under its national jurisdiction, or the vessel only fished exclusively for species not covered by the Convention;