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Ms. Iosefina Lipan

by christian — last modified Mar 15, 2011 11:29 AM
Regional Support Officer for Harmonisation with the EU Water Policies, PIU; Professioni Intellettuali Unite, Project Implementation Unit (PIU)

Regional Support Officer for Harmonisation with the EU Water Policies

Project Implementation Unit (PIU)



The responsibilities of Ms. Lipan include: supporting of the Permanent Secretariat of BSC in respect of establishing a common platform with EU for economic development issues in relation with the WFD and the proposed Marine Strategy, coordinating, where appropriate, with the relevant activities of donors, participants in the funding and implementation of the overall Black Sea Environmental Programme, dissemination of information about the status of the Black Sea environment and last trends in the field of its protection and rehabilitation through the different means of information dissemination with the purpose to increase public awareness in this field.

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