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International Waters Conferences

by Taya Santives last modified Aug 20, 2013 02:09 PM
International Waters Conferences



26th - 31st October 2013: International Waters Conference, Bridgetown, Barbados

The 7th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference (IWC7), as with prior IW Conferences, will be a signature learning event for the GEF IW focal area. The GEF IW Conference objectives are to facilitate cross-sectoral and portfolio-wide learning and experience sharing. It strives to solicit advice from the existing GEF IW portfolio on burning issues, and to assist in building participant capacity in key management and technical areas. Participants sum up progress achieved and also look to the future of programming within and beyond the GEF IW focal area. The IWC7 theme is “Economic Valuation as a Tool to Bridge the Science-Policy Gap”. The IWC7’s objective is to facilitate experience sharing across the GEF International Waters portfolio, with a special emphasis on reviewing the economic valuation of international waters and the links between economic valuation and science, as well as mechanisms for linking both to policymaking.

24th - 26th September 2012: International Waters Science Conference, Bangkok, Thailand

A science conference for practitioners and academics to provide leadership in finding solutions for the Earth’s most pressing Transboundary waters challenges. Twenty years of GEF International Waters (IW) projects have resulted in a wealth of knowledge. Much of the science used and generated during the projects is embedded in project results. A recent study has uncovered some of the key findings and success factors in enhancing the use of science in GEF IW projects. The International Waters Science Conference will provide a key forum for bringing these findings to a wider audience. Benefiting from lessons learned can significantly support new and ongoing projects in achieving better results. This activity is part of the third phase of the UNDP/UNEP International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network (IW:LEARN).

17th October - 20th October 2011: GEF 6th Biennial IW Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Sixth GEF Biennial International Waters Conference, as with prior IW Conferences, will be a signature learning event for the GEF IW focal area. It will be an active training and experience-sharing event during which the participants will not only sum up the progress achieved but also will look into the future of programming within and beyond the focal area. The general objective of the Biennial GEF International Waters Conference is to facilitate cross-sectoral and portfolio-wide learning & experience sharing. It is also to solicit advice from the existing IW portfolio on burning issues and assist in assist in building participant capacity in key management and technical areas.

26th October - 29th October 2009: GEF 5th Biennial IW Conference, Cairns, Australia

The 5th Biennial GEF International Waters Conference, hosted by the Government of Australia in Cairns, North Queensland October 26 through 29, 2009, offers an exciting menu of participative learning opportunities. Pre-conference technical workshops on October 24 and 25 will feature leading Australian experts in complex basin and marine systems, dealing with resolving conflicting demands among diverse stakeholders, and coping with water scarcity and the technical as well as societal impacts of climate change. GEF-IW:LEARN's partnership with the Coral Triangle Initiative and the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands, aims to help GEF IW projects exchange practical experience in linking freshwater and marine management, and a key objective of this portfolio learning event is to promote sustainable development in basin and coastal communities sharing natural resource systems, to achieve MDGs through the benefits of transboundary cooperation in ecosystem-based management. With an eye to integrated-ecosystem based management and mainstreaming climate variability and change, this meeting is meant to build on 2009's key freshwater and marine meetings with an eye to preparing the GEF IW portfolio for the future.

31st July - 3rd August 2007: GEF 4th Biennial IW Conference, Cape Town, South Africa

The Fourth Biennial International Waters Conference in Cape Town, South Africa occurred from July 31 - August 3, 2007. The purpose of the conference was to share experiences and innovative practices among GEF's global International Waters portfolio (nearly $4 billion), promote learning and capacity building, develop strategies to enhance stakeholder collaboration, and encourage GEF International Waters projects to apply evolving GEF policies and procedures during implementation. This web page hosts the proceedings and other materials stemming from this event.

20th June - 25th June 2005: GEF 3rd Biennial International Waters Conference, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to a three-year program being conducted by the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) and IW:LEARN to develop a collection of training materials and deliver a series of regional workshops on public participation in international waters management. ELI will provide an overview of key issues in participation and engage participants in discussion concerning their experiences and needs with respect to public involvement at the project level. Presenters from the GEF International Waters portfolio will illustrate a number of ground-tested examples of effective public participation.

25th September - 29th September 2002: GEF 2nd Biennial International Waters Conference, Dalian, China

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) hosted its second Biennial International Waters Conference to review GEF's global International Waters portfolio (over $600 million allocated) and to share experiences and best practices for international waters management.Primary objectives of the conference are to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration between participating governments, GEF International Waters project managers, GEF Implementing and Executing agencies, and the private and non-profit sectors.

14 October - 18 October 2000: First GEF Biennial International Waters Conference, Budapest, Hungary

The First Biennial Global Environment Facility (GEF) International Waters Conference was held in Budapest, Hungary October 14 – 18, 2000.  This event brought together a diverse array of interests and people - International Waters focal points, senior representatives from the GEF implementing agencies (UNEP, UNDP, World Bank), government counterparts, project executing agencies (e.g. UNIDO, IMO, OAS, NGOs.), funding partners, GEF IW Projects Managers, Secretariats to Regional Sea and River Conventions, academic and private sector participants.  The meeting was held to review the GEF's global International Waters (IW) portfolio (over US$400 million allocated) and to share experiences and begin the development of best practices for International Waters management.

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